Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Walgreens... again!

7- fiber one bars
2- starburst
4- oust
4- windex wipes
3- scrubbing bubbles wipes
3- dimetapp
1- crest mouthwash

I used mfc, wagc, and RR's.

OOP: $4.64

Earned (and not rolled): $19 RR's!!!


Ashley said...

Janessa I have been trying to figure this all out. What is mfc, wagc, and RR's!

Alison Ward said...

Yes maybe you need a new post where you explain all this to the newbies! I'm amazed, I want a piece of this pie!!! :) I'll have to corner you at church. . .

Lynn said...

Now I know where you have been lately Janessa...

I think some of us "Coupon $kills"contributors have our own deals blogs now...It is so cool to see us all grow and save big dough $$$ too ! LOL !

Rachel - Arkansas said...

Are you still giving lessons on how you access all this free money you seem to be finding? I know you were going to give intructions/lessons about a month ago, but I missed the train. Can i still get on and find out how? Do I need to buy so much to take advantage of the deals?


KrIStiN said...

K...I still think you are so amazing...I think you need to post a picture of your store room, what do you do with all this stuff? You are the coolest person ever!!