Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Green Giant Steamers

So far, I have 27 bags of FREE green giant steamers frozen vegetables!!!!! Woohoo.

I'll post a pic soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008

CVS: Batteries!

Great day at CVS:

Transaction 1-
2- AA 16 packs
1- D 2 pack
Subtotal: $25.27 plus tax

-.75/1 duracell mfc (x3)
-20.57 ECB's

OOP: $2.62

ECB's earned: $15.00

Transaction 2-
1- C 2pk
1- D 2pk
1- 9V single

Subtotal: $15.87 plus tax

-5.00/2 cvs duracell coupon
-.75/1 duracell mfc (x3)

OOP: $9.21

ECB's earned: $15.00

Summary- $41.14 worth of batteries, paid $11.83 OOP, earned $30 ECB's... $18.17 profit!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dillon's and Wags


1- loreal thingy for $14.99
1- gallon of milk
1- bag of skittles (not pictured)
1- bottle of cherry coke (not pictured)

Subtotal before tax: $20.36

- 1.00/1 loreal mfc
-5.00/20.00 wag 2 day coupon
-15.19 charged to rebate gift card (money I've earned from past rebates)

OOP: $0!!!

Rebates Earned: 14.99 for loreal plus 10% for loading it to gift card ($1.49) = $16.48

So depending how you look at it, I made a profit of either $16.48 or $1.29 (16.48-15.19)?!
Either way, I'm happy! :)

Alison... you know I'm doing this for you so I hope you're checking in! :)


3- bags of cheese
1- dozen eggs
1- cream cheese
2- lbs butter
1- 4pk yogurt
2- large cans tomatoes
3- boxes natural popcorn
4- bananas
5- boxes cereal
2- crisco vegetable oil (food storage!)
3- colgate toothpaste
2- big paper towel rolls

Subtotal: $77.77

- dillon's store card (to get sale prices)
-$5/10 item deal (x2)
-mfc coupons, including dillon's double coupon policy

Total OOP: $26.10
Saved 66%
Paid: 97cents per item

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Target and CVS

Total OOP: $.70... yes you read that right, 70 cents! LOL

Monday, November 10, 2008

Nothing too exciting...


Shelf Price: $37.07

Total after sale price, wag coupons, one $6 RR, and manufacture: $12.22

OOP ( $ out of pocket): $0... I paid with my wag gift card that has previously earned rebate money loaded onto it!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Finally, a good haul of groceries!

Before I gave the cashier my store card or any coupons, the total was: $156.14

After, the total was: $53.33 including tax... I purchased 59 items.

I went from paying on average of $2.65 per item to paying $.90 per item!

Here is what I bought for $54:
(How far does $54 get you at the grocery store?)

1- simply orange juice
2- boxes ice cream bars
1- frozen apple pie
2- lbs butter *internet
1- 16 oz sour cream
1- can sweetened condensed milk *all you magazine
1- 4pk yogurt
4- hefty one zip freezer bags
3- colgate toothpaste *newspaper
1- light syrup
1- 1/2 gallon whole milk
2- large cans tomato sauce *newspaper
2- large cans diced tomatoes *all you
1- bag cookie mix *internet
2- boxes fruit snacks *newspaper
1- box muffin mix *internet
1- box granola bars
2- boxes hot chocolate *internet
4- boxes cereal *internet and newspaper
1- box potatoes *newspaper
2- boxes popcorn *internet
2- cans evaporated milk *internet
1- bag mini chocolate chips *internet
2- jars peanut butter *all you magazine
2- cans of peanuts
4- 2 liter bottles of water
3- powerade
1- big roll paper towels *walmart greeter handing them out
4- pkgs seasonings
1- pkg cough drops *all you magazine
3- pkgs shredded cheese *tear pad at a different grocery store

And, as you can see in the picture... 95% of these items are brand name, not generic. If the item has a * next to it... I used a coupon(s) and I wrote where I got it from. I saved 65% off my bill.

I can't believe the holidays are already here... crazy! :)

p.s. For my Wyoming/Utah girls... I know Albertson's has similar sales! :)