Monday, March 30, 2009

I soooo didn't have time for this, but...

I couldn't resist! I have so much to do today but I could not resist the deals today and I know the shelves will be wiped out by the end of the day. Here is how I did:

9 – softsoap bodywash (big bottles!)
9- chapstick naturals
6- edge shave gel (fancy kind)
2- skintimate shave gel (fancy kind)
18- vitamin waters
13- Reynolds aluminum foil
40- mentos gum
-bunch of easter basket goodies (in second photo)

(some items not in photo because I gave my friend Amy a “prize” for helping me!)

Shelf Price: $199.07

RRs used: $62

OOP: $7.10 (pretty much all tax from several transactions)

RRs earned and on hand: $42

So, in easy to read terms… I paid $7.10 for $200 worth of stuff and got back $42 to spend in the store. Which some would consider as getting paid about $34 for “buying” $200 worth of merchandise. Ahh! Now you see why I couldn’t resist.

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Harder w/ Groceries

I always get really excited when I can get healthy groceries for so cheap!!! It's not all perfectly healthy but most of it is free from preservatives, corn syrup, and all that other crap.
(don't look too closely or you'll see two boxes of fudge dipped granola bars that actually have trans fat! they are just so dang yummy!!! :0)

Shelf Price: $77.70

OOP: $26.30 = $1.05/item = 67% savings

4 - boxes Life cereal (whole grains)
6 - loaves natures pride bread (no preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, etc)
6 - boxes granola bars (not real healthy but better than six boxes of candy bars right?!)
2 - gallons milk
1 - liter Diet Dr Pepper (I am so addicted to pop!)
2 - Land O lake Butter (real... nothing artificial!)
2 - boxes 100% whole wheat pasta
2 - boxes Simple Harvest oatmeal (all natural, no added gunk)

Not too shabby if you ask me! :)

This was all done by simply matching up manufacture coupons with the store sale prices to make even sweeter deals!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Clean Teeth Forever! :)

Retail Value: $189.09

OOP: 36.50

Earned: $73 RR

Coupons Cost: $4.80 (from ebay)

36.50 + 4.80 - 73.00 = $31.70 Profit!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Retail Value of these items: "$410.00"
Actual pennies, nickels, dimes, or dollars that "Judd earns and I spend" paid out of pocket for all of the pictured items:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ah Walgreens!

2 Transactions:

10- sambucol @ 12.99 ea
1- bubbles
2- vaseline lotion
1- headache relief

Subtotal: $146.07

Coupons Used:

4.00/1 sambucol mfc
1.50/1 vaseline mfc
10.00/1 wagsc sambucol

Total: $.77
OOP: $.15 ... I paid the other .62 with my Wags rebate gift card.

RRs and Rebates Earned:

4.00 lotion
2.99 headache

Almost $7 profit!

8- sambucol @ 12.99
1- axe palmade
3- candies (one eaten!)

Subtotal: $113.74

-you know the coupons I used

Total: $.15
OOP: ZERO, I used wags rebate gift card

Rebate Earned: $5.99

Almost a $6 profit!

2 Transactions:

4- powerade
12- sambucol
1- colgate
1- vaseline
1- wal-zyr
2- tuf trash bags

Subtotal: $189.85

-used .40/1 powerade mfc, .75/1 colgate, 1.50/1 vaseline, and sambucol mfc's
-used one 3.50 RR

Total: $4 (for some reason I was charged tax at one store)
OOP: ZERO, used wag rebate gift card

Rebates and RRs earned:

3.00 for tuf bags
3.99 for wal-zyr
3.50 RR colgate
2.00 RR vaseline


Monday, March 2, 2009

Best Wags

Ok, I did 10 transactions this morning. I have the best cashier woman ever!!! She's very sweet and patient and kind to my children. I'm not going to break down the transactions, but here goes:

6- Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion @ 2.46 ea
9- Sambucol @ 10.99 ea
2- blink eye drops @ 7.99 ea
7- Colgate Max Fresh @2.79 ea
9- assorted easter basket items (candy)
4- candy bars
2- dried fruit boxes
2- boxes of cookies
1- water
1- powerade
3- greeting cards

Shelf Price: $197.05

Coupons Used:

1.50/1 vaseline intensive care mfc (x6)
4.00/1 sambucol mfc (x9)
1.50/1 blink mfc (x2)
.75/1 colgate mfc (x7)
I used (rolled) $30 worth of RRs also.

OOP: $7.64 (less than a dollar per transaction)

This could have been less but I didn't want to push my luck with my patient cashier and well behaved 18 month old and 4 year old. I just grabbed random stuff that I though we'd use as fillers and didn't have time to be too precise on getting my OOP even lower.

RRs earned and not used (rolled): $37.50!!!!

So I see it as about a $30 profit for the day! Woohoo!!!! :)