Monday, March 2, 2009

Best Wags

Ok, I did 10 transactions this morning. I have the best cashier woman ever!!! She's very sweet and patient and kind to my children. I'm not going to break down the transactions, but here goes:

6- Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion @ 2.46 ea
9- Sambucol @ 10.99 ea
2- blink eye drops @ 7.99 ea
7- Colgate Max Fresh @2.79 ea
9- assorted easter basket items (candy)
4- candy bars
2- dried fruit boxes
2- boxes of cookies
1- water
1- powerade
3- greeting cards

Shelf Price: $197.05

Coupons Used:

1.50/1 vaseline intensive care mfc (x6)
4.00/1 sambucol mfc (x9)
1.50/1 blink mfc (x2)
.75/1 colgate mfc (x7)
I used (rolled) $30 worth of RRs also.

OOP: $7.64 (less than a dollar per transaction)

This could have been less but I didn't want to push my luck with my patient cashier and well behaved 18 month old and 4 year old. I just grabbed random stuff that I though we'd use as fillers and didn't have time to be too precise on getting my OOP even lower.

RRs earned and not used (rolled): $37.50!!!!

So I see it as about a $30 profit for the day! Woohoo!!!! :)

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