Monday, March 30, 2009

I soooo didn't have time for this, but...

I couldn't resist! I have so much to do today but I could not resist the deals today and I know the shelves will be wiped out by the end of the day. Here is how I did:

9 – softsoap bodywash (big bottles!)
9- chapstick naturals
6- edge shave gel (fancy kind)
2- skintimate shave gel (fancy kind)
18- vitamin waters
13- Reynolds aluminum foil
40- mentos gum
-bunch of easter basket goodies (in second photo)

(some items not in photo because I gave my friend Amy a “prize” for helping me!)

Shelf Price: $199.07

RRs used: $62

OOP: $7.10 (pretty much all tax from several transactions)

RRs earned and on hand: $42

So, in easy to read terms… I paid $7.10 for $200 worth of stuff and got back $42 to spend in the store. Which some would consider as getting paid about $34 for “buying” $200 worth of merchandise. Ahh! Now you see why I couldn’t resist.

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