Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fremont Hills Neighborhood Sale Scores...

-lots of brand name clothes, puzzle, kick board, life jacket, "hardhat", dress-up, books, dinosaurs, puzzle, movies, transformer car

-this was a major score... this Harley Davidson trike is all tricked out with 10 different sound buttons including working blinker lights?!... I paid... $2

- trike, talking lawn mower, new canning jars, new lids, and a nice canning/camping pot, plus I couldn't believe my ears when then said the bike trailer/stroller was $10... if Judd doesn't want to keep it I'm sure I can resell it on craigslist for $50!
Grand Total: $38
... that is the same price as the swimsuit I just bought for myself at Target... crazy!

1 comment:

Kimberly Lynn said...

That's awesome! Especially the bike trailer - I've been wanting one, but can't make myself pay $80 for it at Wal-mart!