Friday, August 13, 2010

Dillon’s Score

Did pretty good at Dillon’s today.  I really don’t coupon at all anymore.  I got all the coupons for this sale printed off the computer and also some electronic ones loaded onto my store card.  So ANYONE could get online, print coupons, and go get these same deals.
Paid $78.43 for 80 items!
How do you like them apples! ;)
And I received a $3.00 coupon for my next shopping trip that I can use to purchase anything, not just sale items.  In fact, if I would have been “hard core” I could have split these into different transactions and received about 5 $3.00 coupons.
We are stocked on cereal and granola bars for a long time!
8 – powerade
4 – cans fruit
2 – pouches potatoes
1 – can progresso soup
4 – bags rice snacks
1 – box taco shells
1 – packet taco seasoning
1 – pkg mexican rice
6 – bottles V8 fusion fruit/vegetable juice
14 – boxes granola bars
6 – boxes fruit snacks
6 – boxes chicken helper (gross… but good food storage)
13 – boxes cereal
3 – bags frozen potatoes
6 – cans pillsbury rolls
2 – boxes toaster strudels (I buy these about once a year because I love them even though they are so bad for you)
2 – boxes gogurts
98 cents an item… not too shabby!
According to the receipt, I saved $130.62!