Sunday, November 7, 2010

$1 Silver Jeans!!!!!

I don't have a picture but I stopped at a garage sale yesterday... the only one I stopped at and I came across a chick who *ahem* had lost weight.  Good for that skinny little princess her! 
 Anyways, she had all of her adorable brand name (ann taylor, gap, banana republic... for real) clothing priced at $1 each?!  So I scored big time and only spent $20. 
 Just the freakin' one dollar pair of SILVER JEANS was worth the $20. 
I LOVE Silver jeans because they make my fat butt look half way decent but they are $60 - $90 so I maybe buy 1 pair every one to two years.  These are my size and look hardly worn!  Amazing. :)

1 comment:

Beth Adams said...

Sweet! Don't you just love finding something that was so meant to be yours & for a dollar? Thats my kinda shopping.