Thursday, November 4, 2010

$5 Dresser

I can’t stop looking at this dresser… it is so fulfilling to have a big project turn out so well!
The top 3 drawers all had broken drawer slides and after a week of trying to find the correct replacement slides… I had a light bulb moment!
Saw them off and make them false fronts!  So smart.  We were one step away from throwing the dresser in the back of the van and taking it to Goodwill and then we decided false fronts drawers would be better than NO drawers (by donating it) at all.
Judd LOVES to help me with projects, can’t you tell.  Yeah… really he’s a butt about helping me usually but oh well!  I guess with practice I’ll learn to use a saw and drill on my own! :)
Final cost after primer, paint, sand paper, wood glue, screws, handles, and knobs was $65.  Not too shabby!!!
We plan on using this as an entertainment center…
before after tv dresser aS6302793S6302795 S6302794  S6302797    bS6302866S6302864 S6302865 S6302867 S6302868 S6302869 S6302870

p.s. I was originally inspired to start painting furniture because of THIS awesome blog!  Brooke is da bomb!


Doug Eash said...

Great Job....It's fun to save old ugly furniture.

Jenny said...

Wow - it looks amazing!!
Love it


Love of the Sea said...

This really came out great. the color.

Nikki said...

GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for linking up to gettin' crafty on hump day!!!!!!!! :)