Thursday, November 18, 2010

“Honey, I need polo shirts!” I’m on it…


I’m gonna go ahead and present myself with an “awesome wife award”!

Judd mentions polo shirts… KACHOW! He gets ‘em!

Sure… I could go shop a “sale” and get a “great deal” on 6 shirts for say oh, mmm, $60 at best.


I could go thrifting and score all of the above pictured for a whopping total of $16.50!

Here is the details of my score:

6 shirts for $16.50  turns out to be $2.75 each

  • blue stripe Tommy Hilfiger
  • blue orange stripe brand new Gap
  • brand new white long sleeve church shirt
  • brand new orange St John’s Bay
  • green stripe Gap
  • blue stripe Sonoma

Pretty sure I could barely get one of those shirts new on sale for $16.50.  Happy dance! 

He’s so lucky to have me! ;)

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Michelle Church said...

Lol, love it!! Even with tags on?!?!