Saturday, November 13, 2010

I love Saturday mornings…

Had a good treasure hunting morning! Between bag sales and all those crazy Dave Ramsey people selling their stuff to pay off debt (just kidding, I think Dave is da bomb) I made out like a bandit! For everything you see pictured below… I paid $57. That is for the butt load of toys in the first picture and the 60 clothing items plus flowers (for hair clips) and children’s hangers. Kachow! Just the brand new pair of scrubs I found for Judd alone would have cost him $35. I paid about 50 cents per item, depending on how you count it all up. And don’t worry about me being a hoarder or buying stuff we don’t need… 96% of the items purchased will be resold for a pretty profit! Oh yeah baby. :)
Treasures we can’t part with:
super awesome thomas rolling suit case
my little ponies
bigger thomas train set with tracks
coloring book
fire truck
like new st. johns scrubs
some work out pants for me and judd
pants for big E next year


Stephanie said...

I am totally jealous!!! What an amazing lot: Congrats!!! :D

Michelle Church said...

Okay, so you need to share your secrets!! I know this was last year, but do you normally just hit community garage sales or how do you plan on your journey? Do you ask for less than they ask? Do you sell on craigslist or do you just wait to have your own garage sale? Do you price the things right when you get home so you know to be sure to get a profit when the time comes to sell? Do you go Thursday, Friday, or Saturday or all days?? Thanks Janessa!!

Lindsay said...

Where do you resell? JBF? I have been selling my kids clothes but I have happened across several garage sales selling Gap, Gymboree, etc for $0.50 a piece. I buy what I need but I never thought about buying more to resell. Is that what you do?

J to the Nessa said...

I resell at a few different children's consignment sales in my area. Yes! When I find adorable great conditioned brand name clothes for cheap I snatch them up to resell! :)