Monday, March 7, 2011

Apples to Apples: Why paying retail is a sin in my book!

So we found out last week that we have a BABY GIRL on the way!

You know what that means…

an excuse to shop ‘til I drop in search of adorable little bargains!!!

I was so impressed with my baby girl haul that I made shopping the JBF Tulsa Children’s Consignment Sale that I decided to do a detailed blog post of just how awesome I did and why it is a travesty to pay retail… especially for children’s items!

So here goes:

I went to Wal-Mart to “investigate” and see just what $115.75 would buy for my baby… below are the results.

All the items are Wal-Mart Brand (we know the quality of that brand right?!)

6 Outfits

9 Onesies

5 Sleepers

3 pr socks

3 dresses

for $115.75



you need to check out how I did at the consignment sale:babyblogpic

Brand Names: Carters, Jack and Jill, Old Navy, Baby GAP… you get the picture!

29 Onesies (calculated to be $.71 each)

8 Rompers/One Piece Outfits ($1.88 each)

10 Sleepers ($1.15 each)

1 Swimsuit ($3)

10 2pc Outfits ($2.40 each)

11 Dresses ($3.43 each)

Grand Total Paid: $112 !!!

If this doesn’t convince you to be a bargain shopper… nothing will! :)


Alison Ward said...

Awesome!! Can't wait till the Springfield sale so I can stock up for Delaney. Such cute stuff!!

tennille said...

Ok, so tell me you didn't buy the Walmart haul! And, if you did... tell me you took it back immediately after your photo shoot! :) It was so fun to shop with you in Tulsa!

fialka012 said...

Pěkné věci...

michelle said...

Love the comparison! Thanks for sharing!! Got to love JBF! MrsWig

Christina said...

Love this! My kids would go naked without JBF. Not to mention you'd never know we were financially strapped by the way my kids dress! All name brands, all great condition, all great prices.

Thanks for the great post!