Friday, May 6, 2011


Super duper awesome haul this morning!
I scored all of this for $80 bucks and I only drove 15 miles roundtrip garage sale-ing to get it!
-I don’t even know how many toys?!
-65 name brand clothing items (a lot of this is two piece sets, so more than 65)
-Step 2 baby swing and Step 2 baby sled
-portable swing
A few things are for my kids (like winter coats for next year!) but most is purchased for re-sale!
Cha Ching! :)
 036  038

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Brandi @ Savvy Student Shopper said...

Hi! I just wanted to know if there's anything special about that particular orange Dora/Diego back pack. I passed one up yesterday at a sale, but I'm still learning and just wanted to know if you had any luck selling it, etc.