Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lilyan’s Dresser


Our 6 year old has been using a plastic set of drawers for too long and we really wanted to find her a dresser.

We saw this at the thrift store for $20 and decided we didn’t want to wait to find a better deal and that we’d work some magic on this one.

We took the before picture after we’d taken off the ugly old hardware.



$30 later (primer,3 colors of paint, and the three white heart knobs) we scooted this pretty thing into her closet!

Isn’t it cute?!  She loves it, so I say SUCCESS! :)




Nostalgic in Maine said...

Great transformation - adorable and looks like it came straight from Pottery Barn Kids. I think you should send the before and after pics to the Better After blog - such a great blog, and this project looks exactly like it belongs to be featured there :-)


J to the Nessa said...

Thank you! I love Better After! I've actually been featured there for a different piece of furniture! :)