Thursday, July 28, 2011

Taking a Little Break

And I have a pretty good (snuggly, adorable, precious, wonderful) excuse...

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Welp, today I am officially 40 weeks pregnant!

I'm hoping baby sister just skips her due date today so that we can celebrate the birth of the most fun, handsome, sweet, and loving 4 year old on the planet...

Happy Birthday Big E.  We love you so much!

Today I was also a guest over at Yard Sale Mommy talking about making $$$ selling at consignment sales!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Last Weeks Fun & Fabulous Finds:

These are my favorite finds from last week.  They were all from thrift stores, except the dino.


Fate is a funny thing!  The day before I found this parrot I had purchased two FurReal puppies at a thrift store for $1 each (DD age 6 loves them!) and so in my research on eBay that night I by chance saw that the only FurReal toy that is really valuable is Squakers the FurReal Parrot

A small mental note was made… it’s not like I thought I’d ever find one!

The next day at one of my favorite “hole in the wall” thrift stores I found him!!!  The real blessing is that I had called my husband to have him look up the bird on eBay to confirm I had the right thing and THANK HEAVENS I did because he said the bird came with a perch, remote control, and cracker.  I didn’t find the cracker but at the bottom of a toy bin I dug out the remote and perch!  These items dramatically increase this silly parrots value and I would have never known!  So YAY for little thrifting miracles and blessings!  Some might say coincidence… but I don’t.

I stuffed him in a bag for a bag sale, so it turns out I paid approx 75 cents for him!


DH and I went on a date for the first time in 8 months last week… how terrible is that?!  We had a yummy shared dinner at Outback and then we went thrifting WITHOUT children!  What more could a girl ask for?  Thrifting isn’t his favorite, but seeing his hugely 9 months pregnant wife happy IS! 

I must give credit where credit is due.  I’m not really outdoorsy.  And I don’t really care about brand names.  DH on the other hand spent his entire childhood outdoors and is pretty picky when it comes to brand name high quality outdoor clothing, gear, and accessories.  So he spotted these awesome condition Keen sandals in our daughters size and said we should pay the $3 price for them.  I was happy to see what they SELL FOR.


Thanks to Jen the Yard Sale Mommy, when I saw this Little Tikes football toy chest at Goodwill I snatched it up even though it was $12.  Here is what these bad boys SELL FOR NOW, and I am assuming they might sell for even more during football season!  (people use them for coolers)  I plan on cleaning it up and adding some white paint where the stickers have been torn.


Ah, the “Dinosaur Tragedy of 2011”

This was major drama to me.  Maybe just because I’m so pregnant, maybe not!  But I was literally depressed all day over this “tragedy”.

The Good: I purchased the above Jurassic Park Dinosaur for $1, and he is highly collectible, rare, and sells for $60 - $110 on eBay.

The Bad: I had an extremely brainless moment and did not buy the other two dinosaurs sitting next to him in the driveway for $1 each… I had no idea what they were at the time and just grabbed the one pictured because of his cool colors to sell at the consignment sale for ten bucks.

Here is the first one I didn’t buy: OUCH!

And the second: OUCH AGAIN!


Again, from my favorite little thrift, I bought this Chicco Travel System (stroller, car seat, and base) for $25.  It sells for $330 at 

I will be able to sell it at the fall consignment sale for approx. $165! :)

It was a great week and I can’t think of a better way of passing the time until our babies arrival.  Treasure Hunting is the best!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

$7 Thrifty Score

I went to two thrift stores yesterday and found some great things… I still don’t have a smart phone (torture) so this was still a little bit of a guessing game and I was pleasantly surprised with the value of a couple of my picks!
I paid $7 for all of the items pictured.  Here are some links to show you their potential! :)
Our Generation Doll Bathtub
Salon Chair (they overpriced shipping on this auction, so it should bring more $ than the final price)
Fisher Price Tuff Stuff Cassette Player
TMX Elmo (this was a fun find… I had no idea what he was worth when I picked him up!  49 cents well spent)
Hokey Pokey Elmo
I’ll probably sell the Imaginext Dino for $7, Our Generation Doll for $5, Boys Size 13 Cowboy Boots for $10, and the adorable (they look brand new) Skechers for $10 at the consignment sale in September.  I’m confident those items will all sell at those prices. 
So a potential $144 for selling what I paid $7 for, not too shabby! :)

Linking up to: Apron Thrift Girl

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Have I mentioned that I LOVE church/benefit/charity Sales?

When I do a search on craigslist for garage sales, I always make sure to also to search for sales that have these keywords:


Why?  Because these types of sales often have the potential to be goldmines! 

They are usually BIG sales, with tons of items that are donated (this is a good thing because the workers do not have a personal attachment to the items), and usually in such quantity and disarray that the items aren’t priced.

These sales are my very favorite to go to and I’m never disappointed!  Maybe a little stressed because it’s like a high speed treasure hunt and you don’t even know what they are actually going to charge you when you take your pile of “junk” to the check out table, but it’s the kind of stress I live for! :)

Tonight I was in town after my Prenatal Yoga class (38 weeks today) and just happened upon a benefit sale that was setting up (but allowing shoppers) in a church parking lot.  My husband couldn’t even put the van in park before I jumped out… I love these sales!

Here are some pictures of our little haul.  Mind you, it was hot, I’m very pregnant, my husband was a little grumpy, and the sales people were a little confused about how to price items… so it wasn’t as successful as some that I’ve been to, but I am still happy with what we ended up with:




50 items for $35… I’d have rather paid $20 but $35 was good considering the lady originally tried to tell me $50+?!


Vintage Pyrex

Vintage Cookie Cutters

Vintage Tupperware

Brand New Games

Tonka Toy for Big E

And a ton of adorable like new brand name children’s clothes… all Gap, Gymboree, Carter’s, Old Navy, and Justice (top sellers at consignment sales!)

I will keep a few items for my own children, a few Pyrex for my own collection, and everything else will be for resale on eBay and/or our local seasonal children’s consignment sale.

Cha Ching. :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

THE Boots - eBay Success Story 2005

By the summer of 2005 I was learning a lot about selling vintage clothing and accessories on eBay.  I was having fun and spent a lot of my time taking my 6 month old with me to thrift stores all over  the Big Horn Basin (Wyoming) in search of treasures.

That summer "vintage cowboy boots" were super duper HOT HOT HOT in fashion!  All the celebrities were wearing them and one of my least favorite celebrities EVER was wearing a very particular pair of vintage cowboy boots with just about every outfit she wore out of the house.

None other than Miss Britney Spears. Gag.

She was sporting a pair of 1970's vintage Miss Capezio Butterfly cowboy boots and they were actually pretty darn cute!

Did you know that Wyoming is COWBOY COUNTRY?!

I bet you did.  Wyoming to this day is still full of REAL cowboys, that ride horses (not to school), wear spurs, and never walk out of the house without a cowboy hat on their head.

So I was naturally in the best place EVER to start hunting for vintage cowboy boots. Lucky me! :)

I found boots.  Lots of old boots.  And did well selling them BUT I never thought I'd actually find a pair of the boots that were selling for hundreds and hundreds of dollars on eBay...

until THAT day!

It was a hot sweaty day and my 6 month old had just about had it with Mommy dragging her around to thrift stores, antique stores, and pawn shops looking for "old junk"!

We stopped at this dirty old pawn shop that I had never been in before.  It was soooo full and everything was dirty.  It was mostly guns, knives, and other western collectibles.  Outside of the pawn shop was a white shed that had a chain and lock but a sign that said to ask the owner if you wanted to look around inside.

I don't even know what inspired me to ask.  Clearly the shop had nothing that I was interested in.
But I did ask... :)

And like a scene from a movie (I'm not kidding, I swear music began playing) the sunlight poured into the shed full of more dirty old "junk" and just then, to the left of the shed, at the top of a shelf, with just a hint of the sunlight skimming the toes...


I knew.  And I tried not to hyperventilate.

With my baby in one arm, I nonchalantly stepped through the mess and peered up at the shelf.  Could this really be happening?  Could they really be in MINT condition?  I took them down and gave them a closer look.

I was holding an authentic mint condition pair of cream colored Miss Capezio turquoise butterfly inlay vintage cowboy boots and not only did they look BRAND NEW, they were a SIZE 10?!

If you've ever sold shoes on eBay or if you have a size 10 foot like me... you know that is an uncommon, hard to find, yet very desired size of shoe!

I looked at the old man who owned the shop and said,

"These are kind of cute!  I can't believe they are my size?! How much do you want for them?"

His friendly response was $50.

I still can't believe I did this, but I actually said,

"I'm not really a cowgirl... my husband wants me to get a pair of boots (which this was a true story) but I'm not sure I'll even wear them.  Hmmm.  I don't know.  Would you take $35?"

He agreed.  And I tried not to faint.

Fast forward (past me calling every single friend and family member and screaming into the phone about what I had just found) to the final days of the 7 day auction.

I of course had a ton of international inquiries, more watchers than I ever thought possible, and the most fun eBay waiting week ever!

I started the boots at 99 cents and the final bid was for $785.

Seven.Hundred.Eighty. Five.Dollars.

They sold to a customer in Switzerland.
They far surpassed the previous amounts that the same boots had been selling for by other sellers.
By hundreds.

AND according to eBay pulse...

they were the #1 watched item on eBay that week?!

How cool is that.

I love this story. :)