Tuesday, July 12, 2011

$7 Thrifty Score

I went to two thrift stores yesterday and found some great things… I still don’t have a smart phone (torture) so this was still a little bit of a guessing game and I was pleasantly surprised with the value of a couple of my picks!
I paid $7 for all of the items pictured.  Here are some links to show you their potential! :)
Our Generation Doll Bathtub
Salon Chair (they overpriced shipping on this auction, so it should bring more $ than the final price)
Fisher Price Tuff Stuff Cassette Player
TMX Elmo (this was a fun find… I had no idea what he was worth when I picked him up!  49 cents well spent)
Hokey Pokey Elmo
I’ll probably sell the Imaginext Dino for $7, Our Generation Doll for $5, Boys Size 13 Cowboy Boots for $10, and the adorable (they look brand new) Skechers for $10 at the consignment sale in September.  I’m confident those items will all sell at those prices. 
So a potential $144 for selling what I paid $7 for, not too shabby! :)

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Zombiemommy said...

I popped over here from Yard Sale Mommy and follow you now.

J to the Nessa said...

Thanks for popping over! :)

sarahespn said...

What kind of thrift shops do you shop at?