Thursday, July 7, 2011

Have I mentioned that I LOVE church/benefit/charity Sales?

When I do a search on craigslist for garage sales, I always make sure to also to search for sales that have these keywords:


Why?  Because these types of sales often have the potential to be goldmines! 

They are usually BIG sales, with tons of items that are donated (this is a good thing because the workers do not have a personal attachment to the items), and usually in such quantity and disarray that the items aren’t priced.

These sales are my very favorite to go to and I’m never disappointed!  Maybe a little stressed because it’s like a high speed treasure hunt and you don’t even know what they are actually going to charge you when you take your pile of “junk” to the check out table, but it’s the kind of stress I live for! :)

Tonight I was in town after my Prenatal Yoga class (38 weeks today) and just happened upon a benefit sale that was setting up (but allowing shoppers) in a church parking lot.  My husband couldn’t even put the van in park before I jumped out… I love these sales!

Here are some pictures of our little haul.  Mind you, it was hot, I’m very pregnant, my husband was a little grumpy, and the sales people were a little confused about how to price items… so it wasn’t as successful as some that I’ve been to, but I am still happy with what we ended up with:




50 items for $35… I’d have rather paid $20 but $35 was good considering the lady originally tried to tell me $50+?!


Vintage Pyrex

Vintage Cookie Cutters

Vintage Tupperware

Brand New Games

Tonka Toy for Big E

And a ton of adorable like new brand name children’s clothes… all Gap, Gymboree, Carter’s, Old Navy, and Justice (top sellers at consignment sales!)

I will keep a few items for my own children, a few Pyrex for my own collection, and everything else will be for resale on eBay and/or our local seasonal children’s consignment sale.

Cha Ching. :)


Yard Sale Mommy said...

looks good! that's fun that your husband goes with you!

Janie said...

I love church sales too. A couple of months ago, I purchased a beautiful hardwood bed that is a three bed bunk bed. It is unusual but we now have three beautiful beds and I only paid $50 for the beds. They are better quality than Pottery Barn Kids beds.

ConsigningChrissy said...

What an impressive haul!!! Consignment sales are the best :)

Lindsay said...

I do the exact same thing! I buy name brand stuff at garage sales for $0.50-$1, let my kids wear it, then sell it for $5+ at consignment. Awesome!!!

J to the Nessa said...

Hi Lindsay - Yes that is the BEST! When I find items for my own children, they use them, then I sell them for way more than I paid! I call it clothing and entertaining my children FOR profit! :)