Wednesday, August 17, 2011

“Happy Sales to Me”…

The title is to be sung to the tune of “Happy Trails”.
Here is how I did the last week.  Forgive my pictures… they are terrible.
In my defense, I think it’s a small miracle that I could even take A picture or get A description written in between feedings! :)
100 pc Thomas Set – Paid $5 Sold for $50
002 - Copy
Two Gap Backpacks – Paid $1 each Sold in two auctions at the BIN price for $20 each
 Remington Curlers – Paid $0! Sold for $48
These were MY curlers, I just accidently discovered their value while researching ended listings on eBay. I was looking for brands of vintage curlers to keep my eyes peeled for and was shocked and surprised to see that my own set (not vintage) that was doing nothing but collecting dust on the shelf was a highly desired set of curlers?!  Don’t ask me why but I was happy to get rid of them for that price. (I never use them.)  eBay is ALWAYS surprising me!
60 Easy Reader Books – Paid less than $15 Sold for the BIN price of $76.99 with free shipping
(this is the second time I’ve quickly sold a lot of these for that price)
So eBay has been good to me lately and I expect this relationship to stay that way! ;)  Hope eBay is being good to you too!


Handkerchiefgal said...

Awesome job!

beckyp said...

How do you do your lot of easy reader books? Is it all the same levels or are they different? thanks Great sales I wish I could get some sales on ebay It has been so slow this month!

J to the Nessa said...

It just turns out that they are mostly level 1 and 2 because that is what I usually find, but I also include level 3 and 4. I hardly ever have level 4 though. I just take really good pictures of 10 books at a time so they can see the titles and covers and know exactly what they are getting. I've done that both times and not had to write out each title and they've sold fine! :)

a.feierman said...

I just sold my first lot via auction today! Paid $2.50 sold for $28! I watched the last 5 minutes of the auction. What a rush!


Char said...

Great Finds. I just found your blog through the yard sale mommy blog. I noticed that you sell toys at a local consignment sale. We have a huge consingmnet sale in town. We get 66% of what we sell and have to pay $9.99 up front. Does this sound reasonable? I've never consigned before.

Char said...

Great finds. I love your blog. I just found out about it from yard sale mommy. I noticed you sell items at your local consignment sale. We have one that happens twice a year. It is the biggest in town. We get 66% of what we sell and we have to pay $10 up front to sell. I've never consigned before. Does this sound reasonable?

J to the Nessa said...

Hi Char! Yes that sounds about right for a sale but you should check and see what incentive they offer for volunteering. It might up your % to 70. Worth checking. They also normally just take the fee out of your consignor check so you don't have to pay any money up front. You should give it a try with your own kids stuff, you won't be disappointed! :)

Jo Marie said...

Awesome finds. I've sold those curlers with the clips for upwards of $60. I usually put 'pageant' in the listing as that mostly who buys these since they were discontinued.

It is so funny when you find something valuable in your own home, that's my favorite things! A few months ago I discovered a board game I had as a child (early 90s) was selling for $75 - and I STILL HAD IT!

Live*Laugh*Love said...

I am a new follower would you please follow me back thanks so much :)


Dee said...

Those Remington curlers are hot to sell because that is what pagent moms use and they are discontinued. I found a set for $5at a yardsale, hoped to flip, but DD had a dance recital and we pulled them out. It might be awhile before I sell them because they really make pretty, tight curls.