Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ready. Set. Clean!


My mother-in-law was in town for about a week to help with the new baby and I actually put her to work cleaning toys for the fall consignment sale.  Ha ha, and I do mean WORK!  We had a marathon cleaning run and worked through about an entire garage full of industrial sized garbage sacks full of toys?! 

I’ll take a picture of my garage and post that later, but I thought I’d share with you the essential “must have tools” that helped us whip through all of the toys quickly and get them looking brand new again.

Toy Cleaning Supply List

Hot Soapy Water


Lots of Baby Wipes

Magic Erasers

Old Toothbrush

Q Tips


Goo Gone

Drying Rag


That’s all you need. But you do need ALL of it to make life simpler! If you have any other helpful cleaning tool suggestions leave a comment, I’d love to hear.



Ashley said...

I have found that a mixture of laundry spot treatment in water helps clean several stains of clothing, shoes, and toys alike.

Also a little fabric refresher for the clothes to make them smell fresh.

Glad you are back - but you deserved a long break with your new cutie.


Handkerchiefgal said...

You sound like you have an amazing mother in law like mine! Lucky us!

Kristen said...

A little elbow grease is always good for a few extra dollars in the long run! So nice that you had your mother in law to help you! I'm a new follower, not sure how I found you but I love your blog!

J to the Nessa said...

Thank you!

Ashley - I agree, I like to tumble clothes in the dryer on low with a fabric sheet before hanging them for a sale!

Kristen - Thanks for following! I should have added "elbow grease" to my list because it's necessary even with all the other helpful items! :)

Nancy said...

Baking soda! Makes a nice gentle souring powder that is cheap and non toxic. Dampen an item, throw on a little baking soda and scrub at a mark, stain whatever. I love this on pottery.