Saturday, September 24, 2011

The DL of my Fall 2011 Consignment Season


Just one of MANY van loads this season!

I wanted to share some numbers for Fall 2011.  By far my favorite sale is the Just Between Friends sale here in town but so as to not overload them with all my treasures (especially clothing), I sometimes consign at another sale in town.  Here are my stats:

Trading Hands Kids Sale – Sold 259 items, 78% of what I took to the sale.

My total sales were $1,093.50

less 30% and less the $8 consignor fee my check was for $757.45. 

I know someone will ask what my “cost” was.  I do keep track of all of that but it’s a nightmare and I don’t get real down and dirty until I have to at tax time so I’ll just say that you can safely assume that my average cost per item is $1.  It’s probably less than that but I’m positive it’s not more.

So based on that assumption my profit for that sale was $500.

Just Between Friends Sale – Dropped off 880 items, sold 805 (92%).

Because of their sales report system, I get more detailed information when I’m studying my sales.  Here is how I did:

9/19/11 (24 hour volunteers shopped)

69 items sold = ECA (estimated check amount) $220.80

9/20/11 (volunteer, consignor, first time mom presales)

311 items sold = ECA $1015.75

9/21/11 (first public day)

517 = ECA $1,681.68

9/22/11 (second public day)

598 = ECA $1,977.75

9/23/11 (25% off day)

705 = ECA $2215

9/24/11 (50%) off day

805 items = ECA $2359.79

For several reasons I earn a higher percentage than what the standard sales report calculates… my check will be approx. $2,830!

So using the previous guesstimate on cost $2830 - $805 = “$2025” profit  Not bad! :)

$2500 profit from both sales is worth all of the hard work.  We are currently living off student loans while my dh attends graduate nurse anesthesia school (like med school and he’s not allowed to work) so extra money is a huge blessing around here.

Here is a picture of how much I sold of what at JBF:

297 boys clothing items = 37%

199 girls clothing items = 25%

136 toys = 17%

49 children’s dvds = 6%

40 shoes = 5%

84 other items (books, purses, costumes, baby equipment, games, toddler bed, puzzles, room decor, sports equipment, accessories) 10%

Of my 75 items that did not sell, 58% was clothing BUT that’s only 8% of the total clothing that I took… when priced right, and prepped and hung properly, clothing is very profitable at consignment sales. 

I only had 10 toy items that didn’t sell.  Toys always sell very very well at consignment sales!

If you have any more “fun” data information you might want to know, just ask.  Depending on what the question is and if I can figure it out with the info I get from the sales report, I’ll be happy to share more info.

Now it’s time to rest!  ha ha – I wish.


Danielle said...

That's awesome! Your numbers are super inpressive. In my area, we have lots of mom2mom sales. Moms rent tables (usually $20-$40 a table) and then try to sell their stuff. They are usually held at churches or schools and just for a few hours on a Sat. morning. Because of these sales, the closest consignment sale is an hour away. I might try to sell some stuff at the spring consignment sale. Do you sell on Ebay also or just Consignment sales? Thanks for the info. I always love reading about what other people are selling and how they are doing. Good motivation!

The Thrifty Momma Says said...

I am very very impressed! I would love to know what you price things like and if you find other sellers at your venue price similarly.
We only have one sale around here and I find that most of the consignors price very high and it makes buyers stop looking. I try to follow the Consignment Sale Queen guidelines and it makes my pricing lower than most but my sell through rate is still under 60%. I think some of the reason is that the sale is very very crammed they have to much in to small a space and it is very hard to shop. Any tips on pricing strategy would be great. Again great job!

BrittanyPaige said...

Thats crazy!! Makes me motivated to keep on being thrifty!!!! By the way...I love your blog! I'm new to the blogging world but I'm already hooked!!!