Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall 2011 Consignment Sale Haul:Part 1

I shopped the earliest pre-sale last night at my local JBF consignment sale and I’m happy with what I found.

My kids DO NOT need clothes (thank you garage sales and thrift stores) so I did not even go in the clothing isles except for Baby C’s size for a few church dresses.  Patting myself on the back for that… it takes will power to not even go look at all those cute clothes!

I spent $175 on the items pictured below.  Which seemed like a lot but it’s pretty reasonable when you break it down.  I got some great stuff!


Hot Wheels Fold Up Shark Track $9 (not a great deal but it’s a long story that has something to do with appeasing my 4 year old…)


Blue Sparkle Justice Flats $7

Black Soda Dress Shoes $5

Brown Children’s Place Dress Shoes $8

Simple Sneakers $6

New Diadora Soccer Cleats $8.50

Walmart Red Sequin Shoes $3 (she is going to be red riding hood for Halloween so these will be perfect)

Black Black Wedge Tommy Hilfiger Mary Janes $12 (they look brand new)

So $50 for 7 pairs of nice shoes is a steal in my opinion.


Awesome Gorilla Costume $12 (4yr old DS thinks I’m really cool now)

5 Baby Girl Dresses $20

3 Baby Winter Hats w/ mittens $6.50

Finger Puppets $2 (DD Age 7 stocking stuffer)

Big Girl Sunglasses $2 (stocking stuffer)


Much needed items for DS Age 4 church wardrobe:

Bass Brown Loafers $5

Bass Black Loafers $5

Stride Rite Brown Shoes $2

2 Children’s Place Neck Ties $4

2 Belts (black and brown) $6


Oh the joys of motherhood…

2 boxes of Lansinoh breast pads $4 ($8 - $10 retail each)

2 Motherhood (clean I promise) nursing bras $10 (about $25-$35 retail each)

3 pack of new wipes $3.50 (retail about $5 or $6)


Best find…

Ergo Baby Carrier … I couldn’t even feel her weight when I tried it with her on.  Yay!

I paid $35 and it is worth every penny.

Stay tuned for my next post about the items I purchased at the sale to resell on eBay.

P.S. I also dropped 900 items off at the sale… I’ll let you know how it goes! :)


a.feierman said...

I shopped my JBF sale last week. You can check out how I did here. I'm looking forward to seeing what you got to resell.

The Thrifty Momma Says said...

900 items!!! You got some great stuff but I'm most impressed that a new mother of three had the time and ambition to drop off 900 items. I had less than 200 and thought that was a lot. Good for you!

J to the Nessa said...

Thanks! I tagged probably 400-500 of those items before she was born but yeah it was a lot of work. I kind of have a good method to my madness though and I can crank through things pretty fast. Plus I had a lot of help cleaning toys and my husband is pretty patient and helps when I ask. I'm hoping to have less items for the next sale... the treasure hunting is so hard to resist though. :)