Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall 2011 Consignment Sale Haul: Part 2

This was my first time shopping a consignment sale for items to resell on eBay.  Thanks to Yard Sale Mommy for the inspiration to try it!  It was kind of fun but a little stressful because there is so much to look at and I spent a lot of time looking up toys to see what they were worth on eBay.  I was at the sale for 3.5 hours and there were so many sections I didn’t even look at because researching toys while shopping was time consuming.  I’ll do it again but I hope to learn more and more so that I just “know” what I should buy and don’t have to look it all up. 

Here is what I got:



Fisher Price Bird Bath $5

Two Backyardigan Pablos $8 and $3

Yo Gabba Gabba Brobee $8.50 (I just happen to also have the guitar that is in the eBay listing!)

Miss Spider Buggy Bunch $10 (paid too much but I should still make a profit)

Big Bag Trackmaster Thomas Trains $16


Large Bag Tomy Blue Tracks $5

Little Tikes Play Food $2 (I’ll save this for a larger lot)

Little Einsteins Annie Doll $3 (June was $2)


TMX Extra Special Edition Elmo $5

Elmo Live $5

Two Brand New Little People The Inn at Bethlehem Nativity Toys $8 each

I spent $88 and according to eBay listings these items have the potential to sell for about $400… maybe with Christmas approaching a little more?!

  Let’s hope so! :)


En4tainment said...

wow i hope you make lots of money from then i hopeing to get some tips from your blog.

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{Inspire Me,Beautiful.} said...

Wow that's pretty awesome! I wish I didn't have to drive 2-3 hours away to a consignment sell. :(

I hope you do really good with all your stuff!

a.feierman said...

Please share how these do on eBay. We can learn together what sells and doesn't! I've got two consignment sales coming up this week. I won't be able to shop these early but I might go just to see what I can get.

Amy @ Coupon Tipster

Lindsay said...

I am SO SO jealous of the Little People Nativity's!! I shopped my JBF a few weeks ago at the presale and wanted one so bad but they didn't have any. I shopped early. BUT, I did score 2 Pat Pat's! Woot!

Ashley said...

Awesome stuff! My consignment sale is coming up, and I was not going to shop, but you definitely encouraged me!