Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ho Ho Ho! Top Selling Uglies!

Here are some pictures of my top selling ugly Christmas sweaters…

IMG_8151 IMG_8219



IMG_8235 IMG_8146


I stick to bigger sizes that are UNIQUE.

Would a twenty something college kid win the party wearing this?

If the answer is yes… then I buy it!

Oh, and yes, my husband really is THAT awesome. ;)

What to Watch For Wednesday: Ugly Christmas Sweaters


In the past month I have sold 18 Christmas sweaters on eBay.

I’m no expert.  I’ve never even considered selling those hideous things until recently.

But I’m SOLD!

18 Sweaters = Paid $40 = Sold for a total of $463 (less shipping and fees)

That’s not a typo… FOUR SIX THREE

Whoop whoop! :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Morning…

Ahhhh!  Garage sale season has pretty much passed and so I haven’t really even been going to them the past few weeks.  Last night I was bored and searched Craigslist to see if there was anything worth my Saturday morning.  There were 3 sales I decided I’d check out. 

The first was a “Dave Ramsey” sale at a church.  I’ve told you about those before… lots of families, indoor, selling their stuff for pretty cheap.  My favorite!  I didn’t get a haul but I did get THIS for $3.  So it was worth the stop!

The second sale was a regular garage sale that advertised a bag sale for kids clothing.  Of course I had to go.  Sure, it might all be gross stuff when you get there, OR it might be all like new Gymboree.  You just don’t know, if you don’t go!

It turned out to be pretty junky clothes, but again, I’m so happy I stopped because I got THIS BADBOY in it’s unopened new sealed box for $5.  Cha ching!  The box is a little dingy but I’m sure I’ll still make a nice profit.

The third sale was my favorite… if you ever see an ad that says “daycare/preschool closing” RUN don’t walk to the sale!  You are pretty much guaranteed to find some great children’s items for resale.

For $30, I got all of these:




These books are in amazing condition and I ended up paying a little less then 18 cents per book.  47 hardbacks and 121 paperbacks.  I was soooo excited because not only did I get several complete sets at the sale (sets sell best on eBay) but I found a lot of books that now complete the sets I already have at home!  That’s the trick to selling children’s books on eBay, you have to have the patience and storage space to collect them until you complete a set or at least get enough to create a desirable lot to sell.

  I’m just tickled about this haul… for some reason I LOVE selling books on eBay and hunting around for the last few books I might need to complete a certain set.  Just the Dr Seuss books alone will return my initial investment to me!

I also bought 3 tubs of hand puppets for $9.  Not sure how well they’ll do but they were different so I took a risk.

So that was my morning, hope yours was just as awesome! :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What to Watch For Wednesday: SANDRA BOYNTON Board Books



If you are shopping consignment sales, thrift stores, and garage sales for children’s items to resell…

keep your eyes peeled for SANDRA BOYNTON BOARD BOOKS!

Considering that the average investment for children’s books is 25 cents each, these can turn a pretty good profit when sold in a lot.

I’m collecting them for the baby and then when she’s outgrown them, I’ll sell them for a pretty penny on eBay! :)

What other books have you had success buying to resell?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Get Busy! 1000 FREE eBay Listings Today Only!

Today only, you can list up to 1000 auction style listings for free! 

This is great timing for me because I’ve already listed 48 items this month and only have two free left.  I try to only list when it’s free and so far (past 3 or 4 months) I haven’t had to pay to list.  Now that I’ve started that, I HATE the idea of paying $$$ before my item sells. 

So clear your plans today if you can and get busy listing!!!

I hope to get at least 20 listed but we’ll see.  I have appointments I can’t cancel.  Good luck!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Boogity Boogity Boo!


Can you believe that people pay full price for their children’s Halloween costumes?!  I seriously can NOT. 

Would you believe that the three adorable costumes pictured cost me a grand total of $18.50?!

Gorilla Costume: Paid $9 at fall consignment sale

Red Riding Hood Dress and Cape: Paid $1 at summer garage sale

Sparkly Red Shoes: Paid $3 at consignment sale

Carter’s Bumblebee Costume (w/ tights): Paid $5.50 at fall consignment sale 

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!  Remember to keep your eyes peeled all year round for Halloween costumes and ideas.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What to Watch For Wednesday: Wilton Cake Pans

IMG_7899 (3)

Wilton shape cake pans sell well on eBay!  Characters and unique shapes like the 1978 van I paid 25 cents for pictured above!  People use the van for the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine.  This is an item where a smart phone would come in VERY handy because some pans sell really well and some, not so much.  Wilton retires it’s pans after a while and that makes them more desirable to collectors and bakers because they are harder to find.  You can go to the Wilton website and print off instructions for the cake decorating to include with your pan when you sell it, which is a plus!  Because I don’t have a smart phone yet, I’ll pick these pans up if they are less than $2.  If I get some that don’t sell great on their own… I save them for a cake pan lot, and those do well too.