Thursday, November 3, 2011

Boogity Boogity Boo!


Can you believe that people pay full price for their children’s Halloween costumes?!  I seriously can NOT. 

Would you believe that the three adorable costumes pictured cost me a grand total of $18.50?!

Gorilla Costume: Paid $9 at fall consignment sale

Red Riding Hood Dress and Cape: Paid $1 at summer garage sale

Sparkly Red Shoes: Paid $3 at consignment sale

Carter’s Bumblebee Costume (w/ tights): Paid $5.50 at fall consignment sale 

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!  Remember to keep your eyes peeled all year round for Halloween costumes and ideas.


Garage Sale Addict said...

Hi! I have been a follower of your blog for a while and this is my first comment. I totally agree... sometimes when I go to a garage sale and the seller says something like "Well, look at racked up on all my good stuff." I say yup, and then I look at my outfit and say: "Well, my whole wardrobe is from garage sales (minus undergarments). Every time I say that the seller is blown away. Now, I am no fashionista, but I do know how to dress well, and I love clothes, so what more can I say. In regards to the costumes.. yeah, I rack up all year long on costumes that I think that well sell good. Even if it is December, I will still buy it. Sometimes, I end up with a box of not so great costumes, and I sell all of it in a "lot" for dress up. Let me tell you, which I know that you know... dress up lots on ebay sell really well! As for my children's costumes.. well, I wish my son would be happy with a gorilla, but each year he asks to be something that I never find at garage sales! So, I end up buying it on ebay, but the good news is that I turn around the next year and resell it and get my money back. That's life in the ebay fast lane! LOL

Samantha said...

Oh what cute kiddos!!

I am in the same boat! I refuse to pay the retail prices for costumes! I costumed both my kids for only $9.00 this year! A $3 Disney Store Minnie Mouse dress, $3 Minnie Ears and a $3 Baby Gap Monkey. The monkey alone will resell next fall for at least $10-15 so all in all it was a win!

I did a blog post about my thrifty Halloween skills too!

Angela said...

Love the costumes, especially Little Red Riding Hood! My daughter was Dorothy and I had to break down and get $12.99 red sparkly shoes at Target since I couldn't find any at Goodwill. Didn't think about consignment sales - will have to try that next year. $3 would have been better than $13, but we still managed to have a fairly budget-friendly Halloween. I did a post on it as well here.

Ashley said...

Way too cute!