Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Get Busy! 1000 FREE eBay Listings Today Only!

Today only, you can list up to 1000 auction style listings for free! 

This is great timing for me because I’ve already listed 48 items this month and only have two free left.  I try to only list when it’s free and so far (past 3 or 4 months) I haven’t had to pay to list.  Now that I’ve started that, I HATE the idea of paying $$$ before my item sells. 

So clear your plans today if you can and get busy listing!!!

I hope to get at least 20 listed but we’ll see.  I have appointments I can’t cancel.  Good luck!


Kim said...

I have a store and more addicted to BIN now. But, I did relist a bunch of stuff today. Good luck with your listing. Wish they would give people warning about these deals.


Benjamin & Lillian said...

You do not have a store? Why? I have been going back and forth about opening one, just wondering your take on it.

J to the Nessa said...

My husband is in graduate crna school (like med school) and other than the money I make selling at consignment sales and on eBay (less than $300/mo) we have ZERO income... zilch because he's not allowed to work. So I try to spend as little money upfront as possible because whatever money I do spend is student loans. I'm blabbing but for me right now, a store with monthly fees just isn't the way to go. I like having NO monthly "bills" associated with reselling. When he graduates I'll for sure give having a store a try. 20 more months... :)