Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Morning…

Ahhhh!  Garage sale season has pretty much passed and so I haven’t really even been going to them the past few weeks.  Last night I was bored and searched Craigslist to see if there was anything worth my Saturday morning.  There were 3 sales I decided I’d check out. 

The first was a “Dave Ramsey” sale at a church.  I’ve told you about those before… lots of families, indoor, selling their stuff for pretty cheap.  My favorite!  I didn’t get a haul but I did get THIS for $3.  So it was worth the stop!

The second sale was a regular garage sale that advertised a bag sale for kids clothing.  Of course I had to go.  Sure, it might all be gross stuff when you get there, OR it might be all like new Gymboree.  You just don’t know, if you don’t go!

It turned out to be pretty junky clothes, but again, I’m so happy I stopped because I got THIS BADBOY in it’s unopened new sealed box for $5.  Cha ching!  The box is a little dingy but I’m sure I’ll still make a nice profit.

The third sale was my favorite… if you ever see an ad that says “daycare/preschool closing” RUN don’t walk to the sale!  You are pretty much guaranteed to find some great children’s items for resale.

For $30, I got all of these:




These books are in amazing condition and I ended up paying a little less then 18 cents per book.  47 hardbacks and 121 paperbacks.  I was soooo excited because not only did I get several complete sets at the sale (sets sell best on eBay) but I found a lot of books that now complete the sets I already have at home!  That’s the trick to selling children’s books on eBay, you have to have the patience and storage space to collect them until you complete a set or at least get enough to create a desirable lot to sell.

  I’m just tickled about this haul… for some reason I LOVE selling books on eBay and hunting around for the last few books I might need to complete a certain set.  Just the Dr Seuss books alone will return my initial investment to me!

I also bought 3 tubs of hand puppets for $9.  Not sure how well they’ll do but they were different so I took a risk.

So that was my morning, hope yours was just as awesome! :)


a.feierman said...

WOW! What a haul! I've come to the conclusion that when people are holding yard sales this late in the season they usually have great prices. I found 2 sales today and did really well at both. Nothing quite as spectacular as your finds though!

@ Coupon Tipster

J to the Nessa said...

Thanks Amy! It was funny to see my husbands face when I kept coming in the front door with bags and bags of books... you know the face. ha ha! ;)

Garage Sale Addict said...

I know "the face." I see it all of the time. It's like "Don't you have enough inventory??" No honey.. there is never enough. Until I fill this house so that we look like hoarders and you have to make little pathways to get through the house, then you can comment! .. and then maybe I will slow my buying down. LOL

J to the Nessa said...

Ha Ha! Garage Sale Addict - Do you have a blog? My husband teases me that I secretly "sympathize" with the people on Hoarders and understand their illness. But he's the first to ask me how my sales are doing too, so he's not too hard on me or he'd get it! ;)

parenting articles said...

am i seeing Narnia there? :O

that is so sweet!

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