Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What to Watch For Wednesday: Starbucks Coffee Mugs

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I was so excited to post about these I just snapped a webcam picture. 

So… I don’t even drink coffee.  Because of that, coffee mugs would have never been on my radar to even glance at if it wasn’t for all the awesome bloggers out there that share tips for what items to look out for.  I cannot remember where I first read that Starbucks coffee mugs were something to watch out for… so thank you to whoever I first read that from and sorry I don’t remember who you are!

I still don’t pay a lot of attention to coffee mugs.  One, because until this morning, I’ve never found any Starbucks mugs.  But I do occasionally scan through them, and boy oh boy am I glad I did today at GW!

I found five 2008 Christmas mugs and they were marked 50 cents each.  Mint condition!  I had no idea if they were worth $5 or $500 but I thought I’d take the risk for $2.50.  Yes, I still desperately need/want a smart phone so I don’t have to guess anymore.  Someday…

Anyways, I was pleasantly (more like ecstatically) surprised when I came home and saw that these mugs are selling for $20 each plus shipping!

If I can turn $2.50 into $100… well all I can say is, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” :)

So keep your eyes peeled for Starbucks mugs.  Coffee mugs are almost always priced for a $1 or less pretty much everywhere so even if you don’t know if it’s a hot Starbucks mug, I’d just snatch it up and take the small risk… it sure worked for me today!

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