Sunday, October 28, 2012

Children's Book Lots

Want to know what a sure sale for me is on eBay???
Children's. Book. Lots.
I was just looking back at my records, and since I started selling on eBay again (about 18 months ago) I realized that I have sold every single children's book lot that I've listed.  And I've listed 70 lots! 
So I've made a believer out of myself. ;) 
Children's book lots, in clean gently pre-owned condition sell great on eBay!  A few of the sets I've had to sit on for a few months, but they've all eventually sold and always for very good money considering that my investment for books is usually a quarter.
If you have the patience and room to store and collect books to make lots YOU SHOULD DO IT! 
It's been great for me.
Good night! :)
p.s. Want to know what books sell?  Easy peasy... do a search for book lots in the children's category on eBay and you'll get all kinds of good ideas for what to pick up while you're out shopping.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

2012 Humdinger of a Fall Consignment Sale Summary

2012 Fall Summary

1386 sold 92%
117 unsold
1503 total

Total Sales - $7,873.90
My Earnings - $5,511.73

Ok peeps.  Thanks for the interest and questions... In a nutshell, all I do is price competitively.  Discount all my items.  And probably the most important unique thing is that I don't sell ANY crap.  Like, at all.

I don't waste my time with cheap brand clothes (I'll sell Target if it's an a trendy super cute item).  I don't hardly ever sell Arizona or Jelly Beans, etc.  I stick to name brand on about 95% of my clothing items.  I sell Gap, Justice, Gymboree, Old Navy (not a lot), real Levi's not Walmart version, Ralph Lauren, Carters, Columbia, Speedo, fancy dresses from department stores, etc.

Back to the not selling any crap... I MEAN this.
I think that's what sets me apart from lots of other consignors.
I really really really try hard to only sell VERY gently used, EXCELLENT condition, CURRENT (like purchased new within the last 3 years max - not outdated) items.

Non clothing items, same thing.  Excellent condition! Complete! Working batteries!  And most importantly I CLEAN my items to look like new.  We're talking, use a toothbrush, toothpick, cotton swab, magic eraser, elbow grease, car wash (seriously. for strollers etc)... whatever it takes to make the items look new again.

I'm not trying to sound all awesome or anything, just trying to be super honest about why I think I've had so much success with selling at consignment sales.  I have consistently sold over 90% for several years now.  This was by far the most I've ever dropped off so I was kind of nervous and pleasantly surprised when I again sold 92% of my 1503 items?!

I know you'll ask what my cost is... probably about $2,000.  Remember I have three children and sell all of their outgrown items every season (along with the items I purchase strictly to resell) and I don't keep track of the original cost of my own children's items.

Oh, and a question was asked about limits.  My sale has a limit of 600 clothing items. No limit on other items.  Because I am a team leader (like a super volunteer) and because I have proven myself by selling consistently over 90% for years, the sale owners (dear friends of mine btw) allow me to bring more than 600 clothing items.

If you want to know about my pricing or where I buy items, you can read previous posts that I've written on those topics.

Here is a more detailed report of the items I sold:

Category Breakdown

Girls Clothing

611 sold 92%
51 unsold

Boys Clothing

404 sold 95%
23 unsold

Maternity Clothing

33 sold 80%
8 unsold

Baby Equipment

26 sold 100%
0 unsold


24 sold 86%
4 unsold


183 sold 100%
0 unsold


105 sold 77%
31 unsold

Aaaaand this post has taken me over an hour to write. :(  Which sadly I just cannot give that kind of time commitment to a blog that is purely just for the fun of me telling people about my treasure hunting adventures.  Oh, and I earned $7.38 from google ads so far this year... gettin' rich. ;)  Life is incredibly stressful and crazy for us right now.  Please understand and forgive me... I won't be posting much for a while.  It's been 9 months of my husband living out of town for anesthesia clinicals and we have 9 more months to go.  Maybe someday I'll have more time, but right now I do not.  Thanks for reading.

I'll still blog but as you've noticed... it won't be consistent. At all.

Hope you're all rocking consignment sales, garage sales, and eBay! :)

The Van. Seats out. Stuffed full of clothes for drop off?!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

750 actually turned into 1503

I actually ended up dropping off 1503 items at the JBF consignment sale.


I'm totally crazy.


It paid off.


Like, biggest check they've ever written, big time.

Oh, and I sold 92% of my items!

I promise I'll TRY to hurry up and post with a recap of how absolutely supremely awesome I did at this sale as soon as I can.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


I have 750 items tagged.  All clothing.

I'm guessing I have another 100-200 clothing items and then I can start on everything else.

3 weeks?!

I'm freaking out juuust a skosh.

Are ya'll getting ready?  Are you selling or shopping at any sales this fall?  How many items?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Hi World! 

All I can say is that I have probably 1200+ items to tag for the consignment sale coming up in about 5 weeks so I have ZERO blog time. 

I hope to report back after the sale. 

Praying for rain.

Hope you're all enjoying these last days of summer!

Monday, July 23, 2012

14 Packages

You know you're the shiz when the postal carrier leaves you your very own USPS mail bins on your porch to fill with packages every day. ;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You're Welcome USPS

I was just looking at my books, and I have spent...


on shipping in 2012.

Good gravy that's a lot of money!

How much do you think you've spent so far this year?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Holy Moly Gymbo Haul!

Sometimes you just get lucky...
today was an uncommon occurrence but it sure was fun!

Just a regular old garage sale.  The lady even advertised on craigslist so I have NO idea why when I showed up a couple hours after she opened there was nobody there and nothing had been picked over. 

It was meant to be. ;)

Haul Stats:

21 Dresses
14 2+ PC Outfits
19 Separates
1 Coat
25 PJ sets

$50 or 63 cents each :)

63 cents for a 3 piece Gymboree outfit?  I'll take it!

Resale at a consignment sale will be an easy $375+

FYI - It often pays to buy in bulk.  The women had very fair prices considering the brands and quality of her items.  I had asked if I could pay 25 cents per item if I bought a ton and she didn't agree to that but said she'd "give me a good deal".  She added up my large pile and said she was at $70 BUT I had a huge and I mean huge pile of clothes in my arms that she hadn't yet added and then she said how about $50 for all of it.  Yes please! 

Bonus: I would have bought these regardless of size because they have such great resale value but the fact that my daughter will be able to wear them first is pure icing on the cake.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

11 Months

My baby really is this cute...

Just had to share. :)

Oh and I guess I can still make this a relevant post... 
headband $2 from JBF consignment sale, outfit $1 from a garage sale.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Are you "cropping" yourself short?

I'm not tech savvy at all so I can't give you any specific pixel schmixel info but I can tell you that you should totally crop your eBay pictures SQUARE size.

If you're not, you're not maximizing the amount of exposure your listing gets.

Do a search on eBay...

Notice how the pictures that are cropped at a perfect square appear to be bigger than the pictures that are cropped like a rectangle?

If you're picture is a square the ENTIRE space that eBay provides for pictures is filled.

In order to be able to crop your pictures this way you have to keep it in mind while you're actually taking the pictures.  As I look through the view finder, I visually try to calculate and make sure that I can indeed crop the image square without cropping off any of my actual item(s).

Every little bit helps with eBay as far as presenting your item in the best possible way to get it SOLD!

People say that June is slow but my sales for the past 7 days has been $721 and I don't have a store stocked full of thousands of items or anything.  More like 90.

Have a great week... this heat might melt us all! :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I heart church sales!

First attempt blogging from my phone... Forgive me if it's a train wreck.

I really love church sales.
 Sure, they have a whole bunch of junk at them but MOST of the time I find treasures mixed in with the junk. And the prices usually can't be beat. That was the case yesterday when I scored a giant haul of children's clothing to resell at the semi annual consignment sale in the fall and spring.

I paid $45 for 96 pieces of clothing.

All brand name. No Walmart crap... I never buy that for resale btw. I'd say at least a third of what I bought was like new Gymboree. I got two Columbia winter coats for $1?!

Great great stuff!

If I were to sell each item for $3 (Columbia coat? Yeah right, more like $20) that would be almost $300!  After cost and the consignment fee that would still be a profit of around $150.  Yes please!  And of course my profit will be greater than that because many of the items will be priced for more than $3 and I'd say 95% of it will be priced at at least $3.

I will say, that I usually don't find this nice of clothing AND so much of it at church sales... But you never know if you don't go!

Iphone pics are just click and go, no fancy editing, hope ya don't mind. :)

Sorting the "gold" with a soccer player hiding in the backrgound, lol.
I will never get tired of filling my van with treasures.
Adorable Gymboree outfit - size 7 paid 50 cents

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Children’s Book Lots

Let me lament…

Oh how I wish I had more time to do more things!!!

Being a stay at home mother to three children under the age of 7 with a husband who is out of town for 4 days every single week does not leave me hardly any time at all to get things listed.  And the BAD part about that is that when I’m stressed at home I load them all up and go to Goodwill or garage sale-ing and acquire more treasures to pile in my garage.

I can hear you asking “If she has time to hunt, she has time to list?!”

That’s not how it works out here though.

I have an extremely clingy and demanding 11 month old.  At home she has to be hanging on me about 90% of the time she’s not asleep. 

Ya’ll know what it takes to list… clingy baby and listing don’t mix.  But when I’m at the thrift store she’s surprisingly content moving around in the cart and even if she’s not, I can hold her on my hip and still shop.

I’m whining because as I decided to write this post about how well my children’s book lots are selling, I got frustrated because I’ve only been able to list maybe 5 or 10% of the books sets I could get listed.  Anyhoo, such is life.  On to the good stuff…

About as fast as I can list them, my children’s book lots are flying off my virtual shelves!

Here are some pictures:




















I never ever pay more than .30 cents per book for paperbacks and that is only because Goodwill charges .30 cents.  My garage sale rule is a quarter or less so that gives you an idea of how cheap I was able to collect these for.  Like I’ve said before, books are a great sale but you have to have a little space and patience to wait and collect to create good lots.  I think books are selling so well right now because teachers are shopping for next school year and even more, I think parents are buying books for their kids to read during summer break.

Excellent condition used children’s books are plentiful, so I don’t waste my time with buying books that aren’t pretty much like new.  I don’t mind a name written on the inside cover or a few creased corners, but that’s about it.  Keep that in mind while you’re hunting.  My customers often contact me and tell me how ecstatic they are to get their books that I’ve described as “very good” (always better to surprise them in a good way) and find that they all look practically brand new.

So if you have some great children’s books to list, Get ‘Er Done! 

And if you have some great books series or authors that you know sell well, PLEASE, share your wise knowledge with us and leave a comment!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Retro Cove

Here is a promised peak at my little vintage antique booth here in town...

Pretty cute?

I really enjoy working on the booth
so far not so good.

1st Month - $2 check after $98 booth rent

2nd Month - OWED $64 after booth rent :(

3rd Month - I think my check will be approx. $30 after booth rent

I promised myself I'd give it three months.  Now I plan on waiting out the summer but then I'll probably have to pull the booth.  Clearly it's not worth my time and effort. :(

You win some and you lose some
 but you can't win at anything
 if you're too afraid to try.

That's my motto!

Don't hate me... back to the old url

I'm going to change my url back to because there is indeed some sort of glitch and I am soooo not tech savvy that I do not have the first clue as what I could do to fix it.  So I'm going to keep my name change but go back to the old url, I'm so sorry for being all mixed up.  Forgive me!

Friday, June 8, 2012

So Annoying!

Ok. I'm so sorry to be annoying but whenever I click on everyone's sidebar link to my blog, they all link back to the old url.  If you have changed the url please let me know so I can go click and check it out.  I'm not pining away for link ups I promise, I'm just more concerned that there might be a technical problem with linking to the new url. Ugh.

Please pretty please respond and help me out and I'll reward you with some fun pictures of my antique booth "Retro Cove" that I took today... :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Name Change: Please Read!

I'm going to be changing the name of this blog to something that I feel is much more fitting.  I will also be changing the url so please change your subscription info if you need to.  I'll change it tonight, the new address will be

Same blog, better name! :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ra Ra Ra! For a Cheer Squad Garage Sale Super Score!

Kind of on a whim…

I decided to go to a high school cheerleader 45+ family indoor garage sale on a Saturday morning.

I wasn’t even early.  The sale started at 7am and I arrived at 7:15.  For us hardcore treasure hunters, sometimes it’s not even worth showing up if you’re not there at 6:45, am I right?!  Oh, and I was hobbling still from my sprained ankle the week before. 

The entry way was full of bubbly cute cheerleaders and also full of their equally cute and bubbly mothers.  It was weird, everyone was so pretty and so friendly.  Not your typical garage sale atmosphere.  I entered the gym and became super anxious with excitement… it was FULL of awesome stuff and as I quickly scanned the items, I discovered that most was priced right.  Oh yeah!

One of the first things I put in my green rolling bucket (a must have for these types of sales) was a brand new plain white box of Ralph Lauren Romance perfume.  It was priced at $10 and came out of a huge crate full of similar type boxes with similar prices.  $10 is a lot to pay for something at a garage sale for me.  I like the $1 and $2 stuff!  So I put the perfume in my bucket, with the intention of “looking it up on my phone” to check it’s value later.

m6My Haul and My Green Rolling Bucket (you should getcha one)

If you’ve read my previous posts, you know I collect children’s books and hold onto them until I can create desirable lots to sell on eBay.  Well this sale had about 6 different tables with gently used children’s books priced mostly for a quarter or ten cents.  I was in heaven!  I scooped them up as fast as I could grab them.  I checked to see if it was a book I wanted (I have so many books I know exactly what I do and don’t want), scanned it quickly for condition and threw it in my bucket.

My bucket was full in about 9 minutes.

m4139 children’s books – paid 25 cents or 10 cents each

Seeing me hobbling around with a full bucket, the cheer moms came to my rescue and kept coming and taking my stuff for me to the checkout where they had created a “master” pile for me.  At this point, I had long forgotten about the perfume…

I went on to find some other great items for myself, eBay, and for reselling at the children’s consignment sale this fall.  One of my favorite scores was the red KitchenAid toaster for $3.  Ours broke the week before, and this one was in excellent condition and sells new for $50.  Score!


m1(I got some great name brand clothes to sell at the consignment sale!  Most were $1)

So I paid for all my treasures, loaded them up in the van and drove home in excitement.  When I was about 5 minutes from my house, I remembered…

the perfume. 

My initial thought was “Crap?!  I paid $10 for a box of perfume I probably don’t want!” 

But by the time I had got home my thoughts had already changed to… “Crap?!  What if that perfume was really valuable… there was an entire crate of that stuff that I left?!?!?!”

I literally hobble ran to the back of the van, dug out the perfume box, hobble ran into the house and grabbed the laptop. 

Sure enough.

That exact same perfume had just sold for $55.

So I had a 5 minute conversation with my husband.  Well, I don’t know if I could call it a conversation.  It was basically me throwing out several scenarios about whether or not I should drive back (15 miles away), if they’d be there, what was actually in the crate, how mad I’d be at myself it I didn’t go, the financial risk I’d be taking if I bought a crate full of $10/box perfume, and so on and so on…

My husband basically did a lot of nodding and shrugging.  Not much talking.

I had to go.  I HAD TO GO!  Sure.  It would all be gone or would turn out to be crap I didn’t want… but I just had to go back and see.

So I did.  I took my 7 year old daughter and we ran/hobbled back into the building to find the entire crate was

FULL!  Ahhh!

Ok.  I’ll try to make this long story a little shorter…

m5(The Liquid Gold)

I hit the perfume jackpot!  I purchased 19 brand new designer perfume tester bottles.  I was able to get the cheer mom who was selling them to cut me a break (saved me about $40) and so I paid $220 (ouch!) for them all.  About $11.50 per bottle.

I listed them late at night… and within 72 hours I had sold 13 bottles (I still have 6 less desirable for sale) for a total of $703. 

Yes. $703! :)

I couldn’t believe how much and how fast it all sold.


And I should be able to sell the remaining 6 bottles for at least $150, probably more.

m2(Packages for my mail lady the day after I listed the perfume!)

Talk about a successful morning of garage sale-ing?!

And this, ladies and gentle friends, is why I LOVE the hunt and why I’ll ALWAYS be a treasure hunter. :)

I kind of think of myself as a modern day Goonie.  Anyone else want to be in my club? ;)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ROI Baby!

Stock market?


  My ROI(return on investment) for my eBay sales this year is 202.02% and that's after all costs associated with selling. I'm giving myself an awesome award. ;) 

Btw, I know nothing about the stock market. Ha!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

What I’ve Been Selling

Hello Friends!  Here are some of my favorite sales as of late…


Paid $10 Sold for $50


Paid $10 Sold for $60


Paid $50 (several different purchases combined) Sold for $150

I probably wouldn’t do a potato head lot again unless I got it all for dirt cheap.  Completed listings didn’t look too promising when I listed this but I got lucky and someone paid my full asking price without even making an offer!  I love it when they do that.


Paid $2 (I heart garage sales) Sold for $45 one day after listing them


Grabbed these on a gut hunch for $1 (really had no idea… gut hunch i’m telling ya)

Sold for $50 to a very happy and satisfied customer in California who used them for a professional bakery cake for a “Cast Party” :)


Paid $4 (thank you iphone) Sold for $50


Remember this guy from the Dinosaur Tragedy of 2011?

Ugh. Yes, it sometimes takes me a year to list something.

Paid $1 Sold at auction for $56

How are you doing? 

What has been your favorite eBay sale lately? 

Are you garage sale-ing like a mad person and stocking up for eBay and consignment sales? 

Have a great weekend and may the treasure hunting odds be ever in your favor! ;)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Treasure Hunter's Worst Nightmare

TODAY was a gigantic city wide garage sale in the town 3 miles to the West of us.  Like, hundreds and hundreds of garage sales within a 5 mile radius.

LAST NIGHT I was tripped from behind as I was about to score a goal in our women's league indoor soccer game.

So instead of treasure hunting, I was getting x-rays of my ankle this morning.

I literally had to drive past sale after sale.


I can't walk on it at all.  Crawling and crutches are my only form of mobility.  :(

Of course I'm still very blessed and I'm thankful it's probably not broken (being reviewed by the radiologist) but it sure was a sad day for my bargain shopping garage sale loving heart.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Rare Glimpse

Into the madness! LOL

I thought I’d share some pictures of my garage.

This is about as tidy as it gets and still it appears to be organized chaos.  Oh well.  I try.


We are a family of 5 living in a 3 bedroom 1100sqft house.  The garage is my “workspace”.


Approximately 30+ storage totes… all unlisted eBay inventory. :(  Ugh.


My little table of stuff I’m working on tagging for my retro antique booth.


My “system” for collecting lots and sets of children’s books for selling on eBay.

Consists of two sturdy 6ft bookshelves and two 6 ft banquet tables.  I scored all four pieces at thrift stores for a total of $60.  They are very very handy for this purpose!

I’ll admit I’m becoming a bit of a book hoarder.  But I have a good excuse!  I keep collecting them because I’m trying to create the “ultimate” lots.  LOL  For example, why sell 30 Thomas train books when, if I wait, I might have collected 50 to sell for better money.  Ahhhh!  Often I’m my own worst nightmare.

IMG_1084 IMG_1085

A couple more book pictures.  The items under the table are large items for reselling at children’s consignment sales.


All of the stuff on this side of the garage is “organized” storage for the next consignment sales. 

I was shocked yesterday when I got all my totes labeled and realized I already have 15+ totes full of Fall clothing to sell.  Yikes?!


Trying so hard to be organized!


The second book shelf full of more series that I’m collecting for the “ultimate” lots! ;)

All the other random stuff is just ours.

I have to check myself when my kids park their bike in the garage and I get frustrated… where the heck else are they supposed to put it?! lol


And this sad little perspective is a snapshot of my corner in our ebay/office/baby room.

These are the items that are currently listed for sale on eBay.

Yes.  I know.  Ugh.  I do the best I can and try to stay happy and sane in the process!

So that’s my eBay/consignment sale/antique booth reselling madness.  Can you relate?  Or am I just totally bonkers?

Oh, and don’t actually tell me I’m bonkers please.  I feel vulnerable posting these picks and sharing this with strangers so if you say something mean I’ll pretty much for sure never share this kind of “dirty” info again!  I’m a chicken like that.  But at least I’m an honest chicken!

Bawk Bawk! :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Treasure Hunting Heart Can Hardly Take It...

There are FIVE yes FIVE neighborhood wide garage sales within 2 miles of my house this weekend?! 

This honestly causes me a little bit (or a lot) of anxiety because...



My husband won't be home so I have to head out Friday morning with the kids in tow.

I'm really excited!  I'm sure I'll run out of money pretty fast.  And I hope the annoying creepy old Grandpa type reseller guys that drive 50mph though neighborhood streets and practically run you over parking and jumping out of their trucks at every garage sale don't mess with me because I'm on a mission and have no problem secretly letting the air out of their tires to slow them down... ;)

p.s. If you are a man and resell, don't be offended.  The above statement doesn't describe you unless you drive dangerously fast and are rude and will trample anyone in your path to get what you want.  If that does describe you... you suck! lol :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I’m convinced.

If I didn’t have three children to care for and a husband out of town for anesthesia clinicals 4 days per week…

I think could make some serious BANK selling full time on eBay.

I’m tellin’ ya!

I have tubs and tubs and tubs of items to sell in my garage, and because I do research before I purchase 95% of what I sell on eBay, almost all of my inventory is probably a sure sale.  It’s just a matter of taking the time to photograph and create listings and doing the WORK to get the items sold.

I guess I feel kind of passionate about this maybe because in today’s economic climate we always hear about how people are out of work and drawing unemployment (not saying that is wrong btw) etc.  But there are so many ways (perhaps unconventional) to make money… Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Consignment Sales (not just as a seller, heck start your own sale… it’s the most genius business model on the planet), blogging (no money in that for me ha ha), etc.

I’m convinced!  The American dream is still there for the taking.  But we have to WORK and we have to teach our children to work, so that we aren’t raising an upcoming generation of losers who just want the world handed to them, and who aren’t raised with the word ENTITLED tattooed on their forehead.

Whew.  I feel better! LOL

So here are some of my favorite sales from the past few weeks.  Pretty much as fast as I can list this stuff… it sells!


Ralph Lauren Leather Coat Paid $20 Sold for $62


Garfield Tea Kettle Paid $3 Sold for $87


Vintage Mugs Paid $2 Sold for $35


Thomas Diecast Engines… this is hard because some were my sons, I’d say paid about $50 Sold for $176


Tidmouth Sheds Paid $10 Sold for $60


Big Wooden Train Set Paid $28 sold for $121


RC Hiro Paid $10 Sold for $50


RC Toy Story Car Paid $20 Sold for $76


Frank the Combine Paid $4 Sold for $71


Kelty Convertible Stroller and Carrier Paid $50 Sold for $140


Huge lot of Loving Family Dollhouse Stuff Paid $15 Sold for $135


Potty Elmo Paid $7 Sold for $40


Even though it has it’s share of headaches and annoyances… I LOVE eBay and being able to sell there is a huge blessing to our family!