Monday, January 30, 2012

What I Sold Last Week #2

I had an exciting week thanks to the last item pictured…

I’ve been having pretty good luck with buying new items at Goodwill and selling them on eBay.  Thanks to my trusty iphone!


New Valentine’s Day Flag Paid $2 Sold for $14 - shipping


New Leapster Game Paid $5 Sold for $16 - shipping


Dunt Dunt Du Dah!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for left over Target for Missoni stock at Goodwill.  I found not one but TWO of these sweaters new with tags and sold the first one last week for…

$130 – shipping to Texas (paid a whopping 4 bucks)

I love eBay. ;)

p.s. Some Missoni stuff doesn’t sell for beans, other stuff is selling great.  That’s why you need a smart phone! :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WTWFW: House Flags


I picked this up at Goodwill brand new for $2 because when I looked it up on my iphone I saw that they sell for around $15-$20 on eBay.

That profit margin works for me because it practically weighs nothing so shipping will be less than $3. 

Easy to describe, easy to photograph.  Double bonus.

AND after a little more research today I see that it’s not just Peanuts Character Flags that consistently do well garden house flags in general seem to sell pretty good.

So put THAT on your WTWF (BOLO) list! :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

What I Sold Last Week

I’m going to try to post on Monday’s what I sold the previous week… no promises how consistent I’ll be.

I’ve been happy with my store.  I’m selling about 1 item per day but I’m ok with that.  I think with the more I list in the store, the more that number will go up. 


True Religion Jeans Paid $4 Sold for $80 - shipping (so awesome!)


Arbonne Bath Salts Paid $2 Sold for $20 – first class shipping (thank you iphone)


Leapster Explorer Case Paid $3.99 Sold for $16 – first class shipping

Thursday, January 19, 2012

For the first time in 7 years…


I am an eBay power seller! 

Not that it means too much but it was fun to wake up this morning and see that new symbol next to my username and feedback score.

I’m hoping to become a “top rated seller” after my next evaluation on 1/20 and then I’ll get 20% discount on fees.  That IS something to shout about!  Fees sure do add up fast.  I wish I was better about updating this blog more frequently but unfortunately it is just not on the top of my to-do-list.  With three kids under 7, a husband in anesthesia school, and a reselling business… my to-do list is so long it’s sometimes depressing.

Anyways, I should tell you that I did decide to take the jump and open the basic eBay store for $14.95 a month.  I made this decision because I’m at a point where I’m listing more than 50 items per month and also because I’m finding more items to resell that need more exposure than 7 days and I hate relisting things a bunch of times.  So far, I’m pleased.  I’m not getting rich but I’ve had about one sale per day and I have less than 50 items in my store right now, so not too bad.

I have some really fun finds to tell you about… hopefully I can take the time to share those soon.

Happy Thursday friends, and I do mean friends!  I’m so glad to have a network of people who “get me” and my crazy. 

My real life friends just laugh at me but that’s ok, I’m laughing all the way to the bank! ;)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Can Anyone Relate?

I’ve told my husband several times in the past few months that when we “get rich” someday…

I am going to be a “professional treasure hunter” and hire someone else to do all the work!

How wonderful would that be?

I’m thinking of instituting child labor as soon as my 7 year old DD is able.

Think I could get away with paying her 25 cents per item listed on eBay and 10 cents per item prepped and tagged for consignment sales?

Oh, that would be glorious!

I’m soooo good at finding the treasures.

After that,

it sorta goes down hill. 

And so my garage and “office/baby room” currently looks like an episode of hoarders minus the gross rodents and bugs… it’s not THAT bad yet.


Please tell me I’m not alone in this ongoing struggle…???

Friday, January 13, 2012

He did it.


For several months now I have been having a battle within myself,

“I NEED a smart phone so that I can take the risk factor out of buying inventory to sell on eBay…”

“I’m not going to get a smart phone, those things are so expensive and I’m not one of those people…”

and the battle waged on!

My husband saw me bouncing back and forth with the idea and finally he’d had enough (it didn’t hurt that he really wanted one for him self to use in anesthesia school).  So a couple weeks before Christmas he came home and told me that I no longer had a choice, he’d already bought the iphone 4S and that it would be arriving in the mail in a couple of days.  I was actually mad!  It’s just very very hard for me to pay full price for anything, and I’m not a tech-y person at all so I don’t like to spend money on gadgets that go extinct 6 months later.


can I just tell you that my husband is a pretty smart guy and I LOVE MY IPHONE!!!!

It truly is amazing, and I have for sure already made back the money we used to buy it with the treasures I have picked up using my phone to scout.

So thank you Awesome Husband!

And to my fellow eBay friends… if you don’t have a smart phone I HIGHLY recommend you save up for one and make the jump, you will not regret it!

To those that have smart phones, what’s your favorite apps?