Saturday, January 14, 2012

Can Anyone Relate?

I’ve told my husband several times in the past few months that when we “get rich” someday…

I am going to be a “professional treasure hunter” and hire someone else to do all the work!

How wonderful would that be?

I’m thinking of instituting child labor as soon as my 7 year old DD is able.

Think I could get away with paying her 25 cents per item listed on eBay and 10 cents per item prepped and tagged for consignment sales?

Oh, that would be glorious!

I’m soooo good at finding the treasures.

After that,

it sorta goes down hill. 

And so my garage and “office/baby room” currently looks like an episode of hoarders minus the gross rodents and bugs… it’s not THAT bad yet.


Please tell me I’m not alone in this ongoing struggle…???


Kim said...

LOL. That would be the corner of my family room which is suppose to be a breakfast nook. You are so not alone! It'll only get worse for me as tonight dh and I have a date to start pricing consignment sale goodies. Pulling in items hidden in the shed.

Handkerchiefgal said...

We are all there! I think i need to remember to post everything I have before I buy more! That would help keep things under wraps a bit!

Lauren said...

I'm so with you! My daughter is 4 and its going to be awhile, but I plan on putting her to work at some point!

Jo Marie said...

I'm due with #2 in May and I'm determined to list the 400 or so items I have in my basement (that I purchased to resell) by the end of March. I'm better at hunting than listing, but I did list 60 this weeked... there's a start! said...

I can totally relate. The shopping, picking, digging is the fun part, although, when I see SOLD, that ranks right up there too. Got to remember that. Now I ned to go list.
Karen G

Susie Q said...

You are NOT alone!! I think the same thing - it's so easy to go out treasure hunting and find those great gems......much more fun than having to do the work of listing them for ebay! Thankfully my husband built me a walk-in "Ebay Closet" in the basement that is so cool - carpeted with shelves and places to hang stuff - but it's still a disaster. At least I an close the door and not have to look at it! Agree with Handkerchiefgal that I really should try to list everything before buying more. Anyways.....I'm with ya, honey!! ;-)

J to the Nessa said...

Thanks everyone! I knew you'd understand! :)

DogsMom said...

It is indeed the hunting that is the fun part but the wonderful feeling of a good profit is a close second. (And necessary too.)