Monday, January 30, 2012

What I Sold Last Week #2

I had an exciting week thanks to the last item pictured…

I’ve been having pretty good luck with buying new items at Goodwill and selling them on eBay.  Thanks to my trusty iphone!


New Valentine’s Day Flag Paid $2 Sold for $14 - shipping


New Leapster Game Paid $5 Sold for $16 - shipping


Dunt Dunt Du Dah!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for left over Target for Missoni stock at Goodwill.  I found not one but TWO of these sweaters new with tags and sold the first one last week for…

$130 – shipping to Texas (paid a whopping 4 bucks)

I love eBay. ;)

p.s. Some Missoni stuff doesn’t sell for beans, other stuff is selling great.  That’s why you need a smart phone! :)

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The Thrifty Momma Says said...

Great job on the sweater. I don't sell many clothing items anymore but would gladly sell those sweaters. You go girl!