Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I Sold Last Week #5

Last weeks highlights…

(make sure you’re sitting down, lol)


Paid $3.25 Sold for $25



25 Non Fiction/Biography Easy Readers (took a few months to sell)

Paid $7.50 Sold for $35

I’m telling ya, collecting children’s books and waiting until you have a good set is easy and profitable if you have the patience and are organized enough to keep track of what you’ve got.  Maybe someday if I’m feeling brave I’ll show you some pictures of my book “system”… ha ha ha.


Paid $4 at Goodwill Sold for $39.99

Keep your eyes peeled for Missoni… I’m still finding it?!

And here is where you need to make sure you don’t have a mouth full of Cherry Pepsi (my fav)…


Remember this gal????

I’ve already sold one, you can read in THIS POST

I had this sweater in my store for $199.99 OBO and I had my settings set to automatically accept any offer above $99.99


It sold for $199.99 last week to someone in Texas (which is also where I sent the last one???) 

I don’t know why she didn’t even make an offer but I’m not complaining!

I paid $4.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Are You Getting Ready???

Consignment sale season is upon us!  Are you getting ready to sell and or shop?  Here is the best website for all things consignment sales: Consignment Mommies

I personally have probably 500-1000 items to sell this season and have not lifted one finger to get them ready and tagged... heaven help me?!

Here is how I did selling last fall...

WTWFW: Conair Steam and Shine Curling Irons

I've never found one of these because I think they are somewhat rare and hard to find but I thought I'd share because this is totally the kind of thing that would get looked over at a garage sale or thrift store.  So add it to your memory bank! :)

Check out the completed listings!  I'd have never thought I could possibly sell a used curling iron for $60 but now I'll keep an eye out.

What's something crazy that you watch out for that most people think is junk?

Monday, February 13, 2012

What I Sold Last Week #4

I had a good week last week.  My weekend sales were in the toilet but I haven’t listed anything new for several days so maybe that was why.  I really need to list list list this week.  I have so many awesome money making items to sell (like the Garfield tea kettle) but I have a hard time finding the uninterrupted time I need to get them live on eBay.  Here’s how I did:


1-50 of the Original Goosebumps Series

Paid $15 Sold for $75 Best Offer (less shipping and fees) Total Profit = $38.24

This is 12 books short of a complete set so I was very happy with $75.

If you have the patience, time, and storage space (haha – honestly I don’t have any of those three things) collecting children’s books to sell on eBay can be profitable with very low cost.  I’ve been picking up Goosebump books for about 6 months and when I had the complete set up to 50 I felt it was a good enough lot to sell.  I use the Evernote App on my iphone and keep updated lists of what books I need for what series to help keep me from buying 10 copies of the same book in a series. You’d be surprised how quickly you can gather a great lot to resell for 25 cents per book.  I have almost 3 complete sets of Magic Tree House.  You can see here that they do great on eBay!


Small Pooh Panda Costume Plush

Paid $1 Sold for $14.99 (less shipping/fees) Total Profit: $9.43

I’m not a plush expert but I’m getting a better feel for what items will sell although this one sold very fast and I was kind of surprised.


Lucky Women’s Jeans

Paid $4 Sold for $20 Best Offer (less shipping and fees) Total Profit = $7.82

I would not have taken this offer but when I got the jeans home and began taking photos and measurements I realized that they had been hemmed from their original length and so i was happy to get rid of them for a profit.  Had I known they were hemmed I would not have purchased them at Goodwill.  I try not to buy things that will be complicated to sell or that might be a red flag for problem buyers who don’t read descriptions carefully etc.


Missoni Shear Sweater Blouse NWT

Paid $3.99 Sold for $34.99 (less shipping and fees) Total Profit = $23.51

I sure have had good luck with Missoni “for Goodwill” ha ha ha


DC Women’s Skateboard Shoes

Paid $3 Sold for $29.99 (less shipping and fees) Total Profit = $13.97

I also sold three more boxes of Yo Gabba Gabba Valentines for $20.97 ($11.61 profit)

That’s it for me.  So how were your sales? :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

WTWFW: Garfield Tea Kettle

Yes, I know it’s Thursday but just hang with me here…

garfield (2)

(yucky picture… I have two sick kids and my husband is gone for 4 days, posting this is a miracle in itself)

So I purchased this tea kettle in July at Goodwill. 

This was before I had my iphone and when I had to make all my purchases on gut instinct and knowledge! ;)

I paid $3, thought it was worth the risk because it was unique and I remembered that people liked to collect Garfield.

It came home and went straight to a steralite tub in my garage (like I’ve said before, I’m good at the shopping part of all this).

So today I pulled it out to work on some listings and get some items tagged for the antique booth I just rented (yep, I’ve totally gone off the deep end) and I decided I’d check on eBay to see if he was worth anything…

Cough. Sputter. Giggle. Scream!

I was pretty happy with WHAT I FOUND!

So watch out for these bad boys if you like money.

What I Sold Last Week #3

I'm very happy with my new store!  Sorry this is late, I meant to post on Monday... oh well.

Missoni for Target Floral Blouse NWT
Paid $4 Sold for $24.99 (less shipping and fees) Total Profit = $15.13

New Valentine's Day Flag (sold 2)
Paid $2 each Sold for $13.99 each (less shipping and fees) Total Profit = $14.88

New Yo Gabba Gabba Valentines (sold 7)
Paid $.19 each Sold for $6.99 each (less shipping and fees) Total Profit = $25.90

Missoni for Target Toddler Dress NWT
Paid $2.99 Sold for $20 Best Offer (less shipping and fees) Total Profit = $11.28

OshKosh "Conductor" Overalls
Paid $2 Sold for $16 Best Offer (less shipping and fees) Total Profit = $6.34

Talbots Jacket
Paid $.25 Sold for $15 Best Offer (less shipping and fees) Total Profit = $7.21

Walkman Arm Radio
Paid $.50 Sold for $15 Best Offer (less shipping and fees) Total Profit = $10.20

New Peanuts Valentine Flag (sold 3)
Paid $2 each Sold for $13.99 each (less shipping and fees) Total Profit = $23.07

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What in the World Wednesday?!

I don’t have anything to share for “What to Watch Out For Wednesday” but I just had to post about my eBay sales the last 24 hours…
I don’t know what’s going on and I’m not complaining because this is fun. :)
I fixed my iphone ebay app to make that “cha ching” sound whenever I have a sale (you have to do this, it is so awesome!) and ever since I changed it yesterday stuff has been flying off my virtual shelves!
I’ve had 7 sales in less than 24 hours?!
That is a lot for me!  Heck, I only have 50 items in my entire store.
Is anyone else experiencing an uptick in sales the past day or two?
UPDATE: Make that 9 sales in 24 hours! :)