Monday, February 13, 2012

What I Sold Last Week #4

I had a good week last week.  My weekend sales were in the toilet but I haven’t listed anything new for several days so maybe that was why.  I really need to list list list this week.  I have so many awesome money making items to sell (like the Garfield tea kettle) but I have a hard time finding the uninterrupted time I need to get them live on eBay.  Here’s how I did:


1-50 of the Original Goosebumps Series

Paid $15 Sold for $75 Best Offer (less shipping and fees) Total Profit = $38.24

This is 12 books short of a complete set so I was very happy with $75.

If you have the patience, time, and storage space (haha – honestly I don’t have any of those three things) collecting children’s books to sell on eBay can be profitable with very low cost.  I’ve been picking up Goosebump books for about 6 months and when I had the complete set up to 50 I felt it was a good enough lot to sell.  I use the Evernote App on my iphone and keep updated lists of what books I need for what series to help keep me from buying 10 copies of the same book in a series. You’d be surprised how quickly you can gather a great lot to resell for 25 cents per book.  I have almost 3 complete sets of Magic Tree House.  You can see here that they do great on eBay!


Small Pooh Panda Costume Plush

Paid $1 Sold for $14.99 (less shipping/fees) Total Profit: $9.43

I’m not a plush expert but I’m getting a better feel for what items will sell although this one sold very fast and I was kind of surprised.


Lucky Women’s Jeans

Paid $4 Sold for $20 Best Offer (less shipping and fees) Total Profit = $7.82

I would not have taken this offer but when I got the jeans home and began taking photos and measurements I realized that they had been hemmed from their original length and so i was happy to get rid of them for a profit.  Had I known they were hemmed I would not have purchased them at Goodwill.  I try not to buy things that will be complicated to sell or that might be a red flag for problem buyers who don’t read descriptions carefully etc.


Missoni Shear Sweater Blouse NWT

Paid $3.99 Sold for $34.99 (less shipping and fees) Total Profit = $23.51

I sure have had good luck with Missoni “for Goodwill” ha ha ha


DC Women’s Skateboard Shoes

Paid $3 Sold for $29.99 (less shipping and fees) Total Profit = $13.97

I also sold three more boxes of Yo Gabba Gabba Valentines for $20.97 ($11.61 profit)

That’s it for me.  So how were your sales? :)


The Thrifty Momma Says said...

Hi Janessa,
I have three little kids myself and find it hard to get a spare second to list. Now that you have an iPhone you should download the Garage Sale app. Its a free listing app that I love. You can list and snap the pictures all in the same app. It will host up to five pictures for free and you can sched the listing time for only 10 cents more if you want. Now you cant edit the pictures with the app but a listing with a decent unedited picture will sell more that the listing that is never done at all right? Love your blog and wanted to share the tip. Maybe I will post it on my blog too now that I think about it. My mommy brain can not remember if it's something I already posted or not.

R Rae Haze said...

Hi Janessa,
I am very inspired by your great posts! I have been selling on ebay for years and with 4 kids under 7 I find it extremely difficult to find time to list too! I honestly have started taking pictures for about 10 minutes every day. Loading & editing at night, then I try to get up an hour early and list at least 10 items a day. I also sorted everything I have in the house into categories recently! That helped TREMENDOUSLY!! I have not been thrifting or Goodwilling (except donations) since November!! I can't wait to get all my items listed so I can go to the Thrift stores again!! GOOD LUCK! Thank you for your inspiring blog posts!!

Kim said...

Great flips. I have to many "collections" going on myself. Thanks for shareing the Goosebump lot. I sold some a while back, so it's nice to compare what other people are paying and getting for the same lots.

Ashley said...


Look at you go. You have been finding some excellent items in excellent condition - so lucky! I had a little success with Missoni, but that was for marking up the Target prices when it first came out. I can't believe so many pieces went to your Goodwill! You go girl!