Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What in the World Wednesday?!

I don’t have anything to share for “What to Watch Out For Wednesday” but I just had to post about my eBay sales the last 24 hours…
I don’t know what’s going on and I’m not complaining because this is fun. :)
I fixed my iphone ebay app to make that “cha ching” sound whenever I have a sale (you have to do this, it is so awesome!) and ever since I changed it yesterday stuff has been flying off my virtual shelves!
I’ve had 7 sales in less than 24 hours?!
That is a lot for me!  Heck, I only have 50 items in my entire store.
Is anyone else experiencing an uptick in sales the past day or two?
UPDATE: Make that 9 sales in 24 hours! :)


Samantha said...

I had 4 sales over the weekend and was so excited! Now nothing for 2 days so I'm hoping I'll sell more by the weekend! Come on sales!!

Handkerchiefgal said...

Maybe we all need that sound effect! I had a slight increase but then it slowed. Hasn't stopped so I can't complain!

katherine said...

My hubby started selling on ebay in Dec and had his best week by far last week. It blew xmas sales out of the water.

Kari @ She Thrifts said...

Hmm. I'm having the opposite happen. I was still having pretty steady sales happen when others were struggling, but have only had one sale (not yet paid for!) in the last 24 hours, zero for two days before that, and I have more items listed now than ever before. Oh well, it will pick up again eventually.

I have a Droid, but I'm going to see if my husband can figure out how to add a sound effect like that to my phone tonight. :-)

Kristen said...

I had 6 sales yesterday and only 1 so far today. It seems sooo slooow though. Even with those 7 sales this week.

Kim said...

My phone just vibrates (Droid)..I would love the cha ching sound (although my ringer is never on). At least I get cheap thrills. WTG on sales!!!

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