Thursday, February 9, 2012

WTWFW: Garfield Tea Kettle

Yes, I know it’s Thursday but just hang with me here…

garfield (2)

(yucky picture… I have two sick kids and my husband is gone for 4 days, posting this is a miracle in itself)

So I purchased this tea kettle in July at Goodwill. 

This was before I had my iphone and when I had to make all my purchases on gut instinct and knowledge! ;)

I paid $3, thought it was worth the risk because it was unique and I remembered that people liked to collect Garfield.

It came home and went straight to a steralite tub in my garage (like I’ve said before, I’m good at the shopping part of all this).

So today I pulled it out to work on some listings and get some items tagged for the antique booth I just rented (yep, I’ve totally gone off the deep end) and I decided I’d check on eBay to see if he was worth anything…

Cough. Sputter. Giggle. Scream!

I was pretty happy with WHAT I FOUND!

So watch out for these bad boys if you like money.


The Thrifty Momma Says said...

Way to go. Good luck with the booth and the sick Kiddos. I've got one sick at home today too.

Handkerchiefgal said...

Love it when that happens! I mean the one time it happened...but I'm sure it will happen again!

Town and Country Gals said...

just found your blogs and have enjoyed browsing thru! I used to buy a lot from Ebay but have never sold anything. It's interesting reading about the things you buy and sell and the prices. Lots of fun! Am your newest follower and would love for you to visit me!

Susie Q said...

OMG! You go mamma!! Screaming with you!! I'd get that puppy up there NOW - you know with income tax refunds starting to come out - people will have a bit of extra money, and those who aren't frugal like us will have that $$ burning a hole in their pockets!!
P.S. - Hope the kids feel better soon!

Renee said...

WOW! I am so happy I stumbled across your blog...I love finding treasures and selling them on ebay! Thanks for helping to educate me on fun things to look for! What a unique find!!

J to the Nessa said...

Thanks everyone! Makes me wonder what other kind of treasures I have waiting for me in the garage?! lol

Bee said...

i want to buy it long long ago
u so lucky