Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Van...

The back seats are folded down.

"Full" is an understatement!

And... my husband had to meet me at the sale and fill up the trunk of his work car with what wouldn't fit in the van.  Now I'm playing a fun little game of getting the hundreds of items I have to sell at the consignment sale this weekend ready and organized while also carving a path and making room for all my new treasures.  Just think... I haven't even shopped the sale where I do the most damage?!  THAT is this coming Monday night.

I'm a crazy woman I know!

But how can I not be when you can find things like this:

and pay $3 for it?! 

Yep.  I'm going to let my baby bounce on it for 4 days and then I'm slapping a tag on it for $40 and selling it at the JBF consignment sale. 

In fact, I'll be "flipping" about 10 things that I bought at yesterdays sale and selling at the other sale next week.  I'm telling you, it PAYS to volunteer and shop early at consignment sales.  That pony was sitting next to two identical ones that were priced at $25 and $40. 

Love it.

p.s. A sample of what I scored yesterday:

Paid $10 for a game that sells for upwards of $100

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh Yeah Baby!

I'm working the shift right before the first presale at a consignment sale and I am seeing some major eBay resale treasures.  Cant wait to show you what I score! :) Stay tuned...

UPDATE: I'd post a picture but it's dark outside.  My Toyota minivan with the seats folded down is OVERFLOWING with stuff from the consignment sale.  Sometimes I really question my own sanity?!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Great Goodwill/Target Haul for My Kiddos

I spent $51 for 18 Brand New Items!

And the bonus is that AFTER my kids wear this stuff I will sell it at a consignment sale for MORE than or equal to what I paid... nice. 

I was pretty stoked about finding the two dresses in the correct sizes, how fun is that?! 

Two Awesome Sales

I’m not selling very much… probably because I’m not listing very much but I did have two great sales in the past day:


Appeared to be brand new Keen H2 Venice Waterproof Sandals

Paid $3 at Goodwill sold 2 days after listing for $50


Appeared to be (I checked everything I knew to check) in excellent barely used like new condition Kodak EasyShare Sport Camera in box

Paid $10 at Goodwill sold 2 days after listing for $50


Why yes, I’ll take $100 for $13 any day! ;)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Giving YouTube a Try...

I thought this might be fun...

What's your vote?  Do you think you'd like more videos or not?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

First International Sale

I am so sorry that I can not post more often.

If it makes you feel better... there is so much I want to blog about and share but there just is not enough hours, minutes, or seconds in my day.

I'm currently practicing being a single mother to three children under the age of 7 while my husband is out of town 4 days every week for anesthesia clinicals.

I have 500+ items to tag for the consignment sale in three weeks that I am also the recall specialist for (so added stress, yay).

My garage is literally exploding with eBay and consignment inventory.

Oh, and I've not yet mentioned that I opened an antique booth in one of our very popular local antique malls.

I wish I had more energy and more hours.

So those are my excuses, but I did want to share that I had my first international sale and it was super-de-duper easy.  I don't know why I was afraid?!

I sold a pair of Tommy Hilfiger capris to Australia for $19.99 in a flat rate padded envelope so the buyer also paid $16.95 for shipping.  I ship through eBay and it was absolutely as simple as mailing any other package.  Now it's sitting on my front porch waiting for my carrier to pick up in the morning.

I currently am only offering international sales to Australia, UK, and Canada.  I'll get my feet wet before I branch out.

If you haven't opened up your sales, you should at least give it a try, I'm so glad I did.