Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Van...

The back seats are folded down.

"Full" is an understatement!

And... my husband had to meet me at the sale and fill up the trunk of his work car with what wouldn't fit in the van.  Now I'm playing a fun little game of getting the hundreds of items I have to sell at the consignment sale this weekend ready and organized while also carving a path and making room for all my new treasures.  Just think... I haven't even shopped the sale where I do the most damage?!  THAT is this coming Monday night.

I'm a crazy woman I know!

But how can I not be when you can find things like this:

and pay $3 for it?! 

Yep.  I'm going to let my baby bounce on it for 4 days and then I'm slapping a tag on it for $40 and selling it at the JBF consignment sale. 

In fact, I'll be "flipping" about 10 things that I bought at yesterdays sale and selling at the other sale next week.  I'm telling you, it PAYS to volunteer and shop early at consignment sales.  That pony was sitting next to two identical ones that were priced at $25 and $40. 

Love it.

p.s. A sample of what I scored yesterday:

Paid $10 for a game that sells for upwards of $100


a.feierman said...

I'm doing what your doing on a smaller scale... I don't have a minivan (YET!) so I've been doing it on a smaller scale. I went to two sales last weekend and spent $40 on items that I can easily resell for $200. I love a good flip. I also buy at yard sales to resell at consignment (If it doesn't sell on eBay first!). I'm taking 800+ items to my JBF sale in 3 weeks! Gotta love JBF!

Janis said...

Wow, you are my thrift soul sister! Love it! I'm off to the FSMOM sale in Delaware tonight - selling and buying.

Janessa @ $avvy $aver $ecrets said...

A- 800+ items is mega big time! I think I might have less than that this year because I've been doing so much with eBay. You go girl!

Janis - Good luck at your sale!!! I love this "time of the year". ;)

Samantha said...

I'm in the middle of a JBF sale this weekend too! I only had 200 items to take though, but last night was the presale and I'm already at a profit! Hoping the next 3 days goes well and I sell most of it! Great job on the shopping!!!!

Kristen said...

haha. You are so funny, your baby will bounce on it for 4 sweet days before you flip it! I am just starting to browse your blog and I think I'm gonna like you!