Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Two Awesome Sales

I’m not selling very much… probably because I’m not listing very much but I did have two great sales in the past day:


Appeared to be brand new Keen H2 Venice Waterproof Sandals

Paid $3 at Goodwill sold 2 days after listing for $50


Appeared to be (I checked everything I knew to check) in excellent barely used like new condition Kodak EasyShare Sport Camera in box

Paid $10 at Goodwill sold 2 days after listing for $50


Why yes, I’ll take $100 for $13 any day! ;)


Samantha said...

Man Ya gotta love those Keens! I have been stockpiling them since last fall and just in the last month have sold 6 pairs - now that's a nice chunk of money to help with the bills! My husband will never again complain about the stack of shoes in the garage that I'm "holding onto" til spring!

Kim said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Keens. Just wish I would quit finding them in my kids size. Usually I'm okay selling things they could/want to use..but something about the Keens.

I"m with you on listing. Just like fruits and veggies..I try to do 5 a day..weekends off :)

Janessa @ $avvy $aver $ecrets said...

Good idea Kim, I need to set a small daily goal and try that. I just get so overwhelmed with all that I have to list that I often don't know where to start.

Susie Q said...

Yee ha! Don't you love that profit!! Yep - the Keens are always so easy to spot if you find them - I always throw them in the wash and they're good to photo!

Janis said...

Nicely done! I cannot wait to get to that level. I think ebay is in my very near future! Can't wait to read more of your blog!