Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I’m convinced.

If I didn’t have three children to care for and a husband out of town for anesthesia clinicals 4 days per week…

I think could make some serious BANK selling full time on eBay.

I’m tellin’ ya!

I have tubs and tubs and tubs of items to sell in my garage, and because I do research before I purchase 95% of what I sell on eBay, almost all of my inventory is probably a sure sale.  It’s just a matter of taking the time to photograph and create listings and doing the WORK to get the items sold.

I guess I feel kind of passionate about this maybe because in today’s economic climate we always hear about how people are out of work and drawing unemployment (not saying that is wrong btw) etc.  But there are so many ways (perhaps unconventional) to make money… Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Consignment Sales (not just as a seller, heck start your own sale… it’s the most genius business model on the planet), blogging (no money in that for me ha ha), etc.

I’m convinced!  The American dream is still there for the taking.  But we have to WORK and we have to teach our children to work, so that we aren’t raising an upcoming generation of losers who just want the world handed to them, and who aren’t raised with the word ENTITLED tattooed on their forehead.

Whew.  I feel better! LOL

So here are some of my favorite sales from the past few weeks.  Pretty much as fast as I can list this stuff… it sells!


Ralph Lauren Leather Coat Paid $20 Sold for $62


Garfield Tea Kettle Paid $3 Sold for $87


Vintage Mugs Paid $2 Sold for $35


Thomas Diecast Engines… this is hard because some were my sons, I’d say paid about $50 Sold for $176


Tidmouth Sheds Paid $10 Sold for $60


Big Wooden Train Set Paid $28 sold for $121


RC Hiro Paid $10 Sold for $50


RC Toy Story Car Paid $20 Sold for $76


Frank the Combine Paid $4 Sold for $71


Kelty Convertible Stroller and Carrier Paid $50 Sold for $140


Huge lot of Loving Family Dollhouse Stuff Paid $15 Sold for $135


Potty Elmo Paid $7 Sold for $40


Even though it has it’s share of headaches and annoyances… I LOVE eBay and being able to sell there is a huge blessing to our family!


a.feierman said...

I love selling on eBay. I started last summer and am hooked! I just bought a whole bunch of Thomas trains at a consignment sale today and hope to flip them for some nice change.

Veronica said...

Do you do auctions or BIN? Or a combination of both?

Janessa @ $avvy $aver $ecrets said...

Veronica - I do mostly BIN but for items that are really really popular or rare but very desirable I like to do 99 cent auctions and watch the magic happen! :)

We are: clamco said...

Nice sales!! Wow! I agree with everything you wrote! I've thought a lot about quitting my job too, but a total dedication to Ebay would be a lot of work! As sellers, we put so much time and effort into what we do....sourcing, research, listing, shipping, lots attention to details, etc. It's not easy and not for everybody, but it is a great way to get income and it's available for anyone at any time!
I remember my first sale. After that I was hooked!

Lauren said...

Wow, Janessa! You're such an encouragement!! I've taken a break from ebay while we sold our house, but am so interested in getting back into it. I've enjoyed keeping up with your blog and feel like we'd be kindred spirits if we were in the same town. Might be a problem for yardsaling though - ha! You aren't perhaps in the KC area are you? I'm originally from Missouri and am flying back to see my parents(in KC) this summer and would love to buy you a cup of coffee (or tea!) to pick your brain on this topic. I love the hunting at yard sales, but the listing and bookkeeping is the hard part - especially with young kids. Let me know... I'll be there in late July I think...


Diana said...

I've sold that Potty Elmo several times but have never been lucky enough to find all the various "parts". I'm lucky if he's wearing the shirt and sitting on the potty. I'm mostly selling lots of children's books these days and doing really well. I love it! Thanks for this post.

Janessa @ $avvy $aver $ecrets said...

Thanks everyone!
Lauren - I'm actually in SW Missouri but if you ever come this way I'd love to meet up! I'm afraid we're in the same boat with the struggles of ebay. The treasure hunting is the easy super fun part and the listing, packaging, cleaning, organizing, paperwork part is the very hard part. I always tell my husband... "What was I supposed to do, leave money sitting there on that garage sale table?!" What I mean by that is it's so hard to not pick up the treasures when you find them. Who wouldn't pick up a $20 bill sitting on the ground??? :)

Linda said...

Looks like you have done well.
Ebay can be addicting. I know it is alot of work getting things all packaged.

Lauren said...

Janessa - Awww! I'm originally from Springfield!! Crazy! Well, thanks anyway! Once we get settled with the move I plan on picking ebay back up a bit. Got my first yardsale of the season in this past year and I actually felt a little rusty! That's going to have to change real fast!!