Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Rare Glimpse

Into the madness! LOL

I thought I’d share some pictures of my garage.

This is about as tidy as it gets and still it appears to be organized chaos.  Oh well.  I try.


We are a family of 5 living in a 3 bedroom 1100sqft house.  The garage is my “workspace”.


Approximately 30+ storage totes… all unlisted eBay inventory. :(  Ugh.


My little table of stuff I’m working on tagging for my retro antique booth.


My “system” for collecting lots and sets of children’s books for selling on eBay.

Consists of two sturdy 6ft bookshelves and two 6 ft banquet tables.  I scored all four pieces at thrift stores for a total of $60.  They are very very handy for this purpose!

I’ll admit I’m becoming a bit of a book hoarder.  But I have a good excuse!  I keep collecting them because I’m trying to create the “ultimate” lots.  LOL  For example, why sell 30 Thomas train books when, if I wait, I might have collected 50 to sell for better money.  Ahhhh!  Often I’m my own worst nightmare.

IMG_1084 IMG_1085

A couple more book pictures.  The items under the table are large items for reselling at children’s consignment sales.


All of the stuff on this side of the garage is “organized” storage for the next consignment sales. 

I was shocked yesterday when I got all my totes labeled and realized I already have 15+ totes full of Fall clothing to sell.  Yikes?!


Trying so hard to be organized!


The second book shelf full of more series that I’m collecting for the “ultimate” lots! ;)

All the other random stuff is just ours.

I have to check myself when my kids park their bike in the garage and I get frustrated… where the heck else are they supposed to put it?! lol


And this sad little perspective is a snapshot of my corner in our ebay/office/baby room.

These are the items that are currently listed for sale on eBay.

Yes.  I know.  Ugh.  I do the best I can and try to stay happy and sane in the process!

So that’s my eBay/consignment sale/antique booth reselling madness.  Can you relate?  Or am I just totally bonkers?

Oh, and don’t actually tell me I’m bonkers please.  I feel vulnerable posting these picks and sharing this with strangers so if you say something mean I’ll pretty much for sure never share this kind of “dirty” info again!  I’m a chicken like that.  But at least I’m an honest chicken!

Bawk Bawk! :)


Crystal in Texas said...

I feel right at home...

Janessa @ $avvy $aver $ecrets said...

Oh thank goodness! :)

Melissa K. in Nebraska said...

I think a lot of thrifters/salers/pickres/hoarders working space look just like this, including mine. And I bet 9 out of 10 of us also have that green Tupperware lettuce crisper as well. ;)

melissa said...

I think your work area looks like heaven. Take a look at my before pictures and you won't feel bad anymore. :)

OurGangof7 said...

Don't feel bad,,,,your storage is something I would love to have. All my "future" Ebay listings are sitting in cardboard boxes in both my tool shed and carport. My listed items are in tubs in the house,,,,it is driving me crazy and some days I wonder if it is really worth me going nuts about the mess all the time in order to make a few dollars,,,,,I know it is, it lets me stay at home, but you know geez some days it just feels claustrophobic!

Erin said...

Yours doesn't look that bad! And I can totally relate on the "ultimate" book lots!

Susie Q said...

I'm with ya, sister! My front bedroom....well, my husband says that if you dare enter, best to drop bread crumbs so you can find your way out again! AND I have an ebay closet he built me in the basement.....same way! But at least I can close the doors! You're justified - - $$$$$$$ KA-CHING!!

Janessa @ $avvy $aver $ecrets said...

Thanks for all the supportive comments! It's nice to know I'm not the only one like me. :)

Diana said...

I have a huge set of shelves I got for Christmas from my husband to store my "Ultimate Lots of Books" too! It's so fun to go look at my shelves and see the thousands of books. I love it! Please continue to share your pictures and secrets.

Jo Marie said...

I'm lucky enough to have an unfinished basement, so i can hide it all there. But, it looks like yours (or worse!)

Scott Davis said...

Wow, a kindred spirit. My house looks like it ought to be featured on an episode of Hoarders.

feetinwater said...

Your garage is very organized. Your lucky to have a garage. I keep my inventory in our guest bedroom, so whenever someone calls to say they are coming, I panic....
I am on a buying freeze to get my priorities and house organized. I'm only buying if it's a BIG money maker to be flipped in a week. moneysavingmom has me motivated to be more of a minimalist, which is hard in the ebay business of selling to parents who buy everything for their kids! :)

Jennifer B. said...

I've got a bonus room that looks a lot like that except I don't have totes to keep it organized in :/.

Just like feetinwater I'm on a buying freeze unless I find a major score with a quick turnaround. I have tons of potential money already just waiting for me to list it.

Janessa @ $avvy $aver $ecrets said...

You guys have great will power to do a buying freeze. I really should. It's so hard. Treasure hunting is my "me" time.

Kristen said...

Looks pretty familiar! I took over half of the kids toy loft upstairs with my bins, just so it wouldn't be in my office (which you can see from my entry way) It was weird having everyone who came over ask about all my "stuff." :)

Kim said...

Love seeing your area. I wish I could take over our garage..but both my hubbie and I refuse to park outside. I do have a I keep all my consignment sale in a loft. Except I put my in plastic bags and keep throwing them up on top for now :/

As far as the book collection goes. I sometimes find that things I like to make a big collection with, equal out to the same money if not better selling in smaller lots.

I'm A Tigger said...

I dream of being this organized!! We are moving into a new house with more room so maybe I will get there. Do you have much success with selling books? I am trying very hard to get into selling stuff on eBay more. I have sold some stuff but I had a baby recently so I have been busy! I hope to get back into it this summer!

Meg said...

I think everything looks very organized!

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