Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Name Change: Please Read!

I'm going to be changing the name of this blog to something that I feel is much more fitting.  I will also be changing the url so please change your subscription info if you need to.  I'll change it tonight, the new address will be

Same blog, better name! :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ra Ra Ra! For a Cheer Squad Garage Sale Super Score!

Kind of on a whim…

I decided to go to a high school cheerleader 45+ family indoor garage sale on a Saturday morning.

I wasn’t even early.  The sale started at 7am and I arrived at 7:15.  For us hardcore treasure hunters, sometimes it’s not even worth showing up if you’re not there at 6:45, am I right?!  Oh, and I was hobbling still from my sprained ankle the week before. 

The entry way was full of bubbly cute cheerleaders and also full of their equally cute and bubbly mothers.  It was weird, everyone was so pretty and so friendly.  Not your typical garage sale atmosphere.  I entered the gym and became super anxious with excitement… it was FULL of awesome stuff and as I quickly scanned the items, I discovered that most was priced right.  Oh yeah!

One of the first things I put in my green rolling bucket (a must have for these types of sales) was a brand new plain white box of Ralph Lauren Romance perfume.  It was priced at $10 and came out of a huge crate full of similar type boxes with similar prices.  $10 is a lot to pay for something at a garage sale for me.  I like the $1 and $2 stuff!  So I put the perfume in my bucket, with the intention of “looking it up on my phone” to check it’s value later.

m6My Haul and My Green Rolling Bucket (you should getcha one)

If you’ve read my previous posts, you know I collect children’s books and hold onto them until I can create desirable lots to sell on eBay.  Well this sale had about 6 different tables with gently used children’s books priced mostly for a quarter or ten cents.  I was in heaven!  I scooped them up as fast as I could grab them.  I checked to see if it was a book I wanted (I have so many books I know exactly what I do and don’t want), scanned it quickly for condition and threw it in my bucket.

My bucket was full in about 9 minutes.

m4139 children’s books – paid 25 cents or 10 cents each

Seeing me hobbling around with a full bucket, the cheer moms came to my rescue and kept coming and taking my stuff for me to the checkout where they had created a “master” pile for me.  At this point, I had long forgotten about the perfume…

I went on to find some other great items for myself, eBay, and for reselling at the children’s consignment sale this fall.  One of my favorite scores was the red KitchenAid toaster for $3.  Ours broke the week before, and this one was in excellent condition and sells new for $50.  Score!


m1(I got some great name brand clothes to sell at the consignment sale!  Most were $1)

So I paid for all my treasures, loaded them up in the van and drove home in excitement.  When I was about 5 minutes from my house, I remembered…

the perfume. 

My initial thought was “Crap?!  I paid $10 for a box of perfume I probably don’t want!” 

But by the time I had got home my thoughts had already changed to… “Crap?!  What if that perfume was really valuable… there was an entire crate of that stuff that I left?!?!?!”

I literally hobble ran to the back of the van, dug out the perfume box, hobble ran into the house and grabbed the laptop. 

Sure enough.

That exact same perfume had just sold for $55.

So I had a 5 minute conversation with my husband.  Well, I don’t know if I could call it a conversation.  It was basically me throwing out several scenarios about whether or not I should drive back (15 miles away), if they’d be there, what was actually in the crate, how mad I’d be at myself it I didn’t go, the financial risk I’d be taking if I bought a crate full of $10/box perfume, and so on and so on…

My husband basically did a lot of nodding and shrugging.  Not much talking.

I had to go.  I HAD TO GO!  Sure.  It would all be gone or would turn out to be crap I didn’t want… but I just had to go back and see.

So I did.  I took my 7 year old daughter and we ran/hobbled back into the building to find the entire crate was

FULL!  Ahhh!

Ok.  I’ll try to make this long story a little shorter…

m5(The Liquid Gold)

I hit the perfume jackpot!  I purchased 19 brand new designer perfume tester bottles.  I was able to get the cheer mom who was selling them to cut me a break (saved me about $40) and so I paid $220 (ouch!) for them all.  About $11.50 per bottle.

I listed them late at night… and within 72 hours I had sold 13 bottles (I still have 6 less desirable for sale) for a total of $703. 

Yes. $703! :)

I couldn’t believe how much and how fast it all sold.


And I should be able to sell the remaining 6 bottles for at least $150, probably more.

m2(Packages for my mail lady the day after I listed the perfume!)

Talk about a successful morning of garage sale-ing?!

And this, ladies and gentle friends, is why I LOVE the hunt and why I’ll ALWAYS be a treasure hunter. :)

I kind of think of myself as a modern day Goonie.  Anyone else want to be in my club? ;)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ROI Baby!

Stock market?


  My ROI(return on investment) for my eBay sales this year is 202.02% and that's after all costs associated with selling. I'm giving myself an awesome award. ;) 

Btw, I know nothing about the stock market. Ha!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

What I’ve Been Selling

Hello Friends!  Here are some of my favorite sales as of late…


Paid $10 Sold for $50


Paid $10 Sold for $60


Paid $50 (several different purchases combined) Sold for $150

I probably wouldn’t do a potato head lot again unless I got it all for dirt cheap.  Completed listings didn’t look too promising when I listed this but I got lucky and someone paid my full asking price without even making an offer!  I love it when they do that.


Paid $2 (I heart garage sales) Sold for $45 one day after listing them


Grabbed these on a gut hunch for $1 (really had no idea… gut hunch i’m telling ya)

Sold for $50 to a very happy and satisfied customer in California who used them for a professional bakery cake for a “Cast Party” :)


Paid $4 (thank you iphone) Sold for $50


Remember this guy from the Dinosaur Tragedy of 2011?

Ugh. Yes, it sometimes takes me a year to list something.

Paid $1 Sold at auction for $56

How are you doing? 

What has been your favorite eBay sale lately? 

Are you garage sale-ing like a mad person and stocking up for eBay and consignment sales? 

Have a great weekend and may the treasure hunting odds be ever in your favor! ;)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Treasure Hunter's Worst Nightmare

TODAY was a gigantic city wide garage sale in the town 3 miles to the West of us.  Like, hundreds and hundreds of garage sales within a 5 mile radius.

LAST NIGHT I was tripped from behind as I was about to score a goal in our women's league indoor soccer game.

So instead of treasure hunting, I was getting x-rays of my ankle this morning.

I literally had to drive past sale after sale.


I can't walk on it at all.  Crawling and crutches are my only form of mobility.  :(

Of course I'm still very blessed and I'm thankful it's probably not broken (being reviewed by the radiologist) but it sure was a sad day for my bargain shopping garage sale loving heart.