Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Treasure Hunter's Worst Nightmare

TODAY was a gigantic city wide garage sale in the town 3 miles to the West of us.  Like, hundreds and hundreds of garage sales within a 5 mile radius.

LAST NIGHT I was tripped from behind as I was about to score a goal in our women's league indoor soccer game.

So instead of treasure hunting, I was getting x-rays of my ankle this morning.

I literally had to drive past sale after sale.


I can't walk on it at all.  Crawling and crutches are my only form of mobility.  :(

Of course I'm still very blessed and I'm thankful it's probably not broken (being reviewed by the radiologist) but it sure was a sad day for my bargain shopping garage sale loving heart.


Kristen said...

Oh how sad! That would be miserable to have to drive by all of them! Hope you are on the mend and quickly!

Ms. Goodwill Haunting said...

Oh, no! That's terrible! I hope it's not broken and you heal fast so you can get out to those sales!

Veronica said...

Oh that's not good. I hope you mend quickly. It's horrible when you pass so many good sales and can't stop. Happens to me every time I have to work on Saurdays.