Wednesday, June 27, 2012

11 Months

My baby really is this cute...

Just had to share. :)

Oh and I guess I can still make this a relevant post... 
headband $2 from JBF consignment sale, outfit $1 from a garage sale.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Are you "cropping" yourself short?

I'm not tech savvy at all so I can't give you any specific pixel schmixel info but I can tell you that you should totally crop your eBay pictures SQUARE size.

If you're not, you're not maximizing the amount of exposure your listing gets.

Do a search on eBay...

Notice how the pictures that are cropped at a perfect square appear to be bigger than the pictures that are cropped like a rectangle?

If you're picture is a square the ENTIRE space that eBay provides for pictures is filled.

In order to be able to crop your pictures this way you have to keep it in mind while you're actually taking the pictures.  As I look through the view finder, I visually try to calculate and make sure that I can indeed crop the image square without cropping off any of my actual item(s).

Every little bit helps with eBay as far as presenting your item in the best possible way to get it SOLD!

People say that June is slow but my sales for the past 7 days has been $721 and I don't have a store stocked full of thousands of items or anything.  More like 90.

Have a great week... this heat might melt us all! :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I heart church sales!

First attempt blogging from my phone... Forgive me if it's a train wreck.

I really love church sales.
 Sure, they have a whole bunch of junk at them but MOST of the time I find treasures mixed in with the junk. And the prices usually can't be beat. That was the case yesterday when I scored a giant haul of children's clothing to resell at the semi annual consignment sale in the fall and spring.

I paid $45 for 96 pieces of clothing.

All brand name. No Walmart crap... I never buy that for resale btw. I'd say at least a third of what I bought was like new Gymboree. I got two Columbia winter coats for $1?!

Great great stuff!

If I were to sell each item for $3 (Columbia coat? Yeah right, more like $20) that would be almost $300!  After cost and the consignment fee that would still be a profit of around $150.  Yes please!  And of course my profit will be greater than that because many of the items will be priced for more than $3 and I'd say 95% of it will be priced at at least $3.

I will say, that I usually don't find this nice of clothing AND so much of it at church sales... But you never know if you don't go!

Iphone pics are just click and go, no fancy editing, hope ya don't mind. :)

Sorting the "gold" with a soccer player hiding in the backrgound, lol.
I will never get tired of filling my van with treasures.
Adorable Gymboree outfit - size 7 paid 50 cents

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Children’s Book Lots

Let me lament…

Oh how I wish I had more time to do more things!!!

Being a stay at home mother to three children under the age of 7 with a husband who is out of town for 4 days every single week does not leave me hardly any time at all to get things listed.  And the BAD part about that is that when I’m stressed at home I load them all up and go to Goodwill or garage sale-ing and acquire more treasures to pile in my garage.

I can hear you asking “If she has time to hunt, she has time to list?!”

That’s not how it works out here though.

I have an extremely clingy and demanding 11 month old.  At home she has to be hanging on me about 90% of the time she’s not asleep. 

Ya’ll know what it takes to list… clingy baby and listing don’t mix.  But when I’m at the thrift store she’s surprisingly content moving around in the cart and even if she’s not, I can hold her on my hip and still shop.

I’m whining because as I decided to write this post about how well my children’s book lots are selling, I got frustrated because I’ve only been able to list maybe 5 or 10% of the books sets I could get listed.  Anyhoo, such is life.  On to the good stuff…

About as fast as I can list them, my children’s book lots are flying off my virtual shelves!

Here are some pictures:




















I never ever pay more than .30 cents per book for paperbacks and that is only because Goodwill charges .30 cents.  My garage sale rule is a quarter or less so that gives you an idea of how cheap I was able to collect these for.  Like I’ve said before, books are a great sale but you have to have a little space and patience to wait and collect to create good lots.  I think books are selling so well right now because teachers are shopping for next school year and even more, I think parents are buying books for their kids to read during summer break.

Excellent condition used children’s books are plentiful, so I don’t waste my time with buying books that aren’t pretty much like new.  I don’t mind a name written on the inside cover or a few creased corners, but that’s about it.  Keep that in mind while you’re hunting.  My customers often contact me and tell me how ecstatic they are to get their books that I’ve described as “very good” (always better to surprise them in a good way) and find that they all look practically brand new.

So if you have some great children’s books to list, Get ‘Er Done! 

And if you have some great books series or authors that you know sell well, PLEASE, share your wise knowledge with us and leave a comment!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Retro Cove

Here is a promised peak at my little vintage antique booth here in town...

Pretty cute?

I really enjoy working on the booth
so far not so good.

1st Month - $2 check after $98 booth rent

2nd Month - OWED $64 after booth rent :(

3rd Month - I think my check will be approx. $30 after booth rent

I promised myself I'd give it three months.  Now I plan on waiting out the summer but then I'll probably have to pull the booth.  Clearly it's not worth my time and effort. :(

You win some and you lose some
 but you can't win at anything
 if you're too afraid to try.

That's my motto!

Don't hate me... back to the old url

I'm going to change my url back to because there is indeed some sort of glitch and I am soooo not tech savvy that I do not have the first clue as what I could do to fix it.  So I'm going to keep my name change but go back to the old url, I'm so sorry for being all mixed up.  Forgive me!

Friday, June 8, 2012

So Annoying!

Ok. I'm so sorry to be annoying but whenever I click on everyone's sidebar link to my blog, they all link back to the old url.  If you have changed the url please let me know so I can go click and check it out.  I'm not pining away for link ups I promise, I'm just more concerned that there might be a technical problem with linking to the new url. Ugh.

Please pretty please respond and help me out and I'll reward you with some fun pictures of my antique booth "Retro Cove" that I took today... :)