Monday, June 25, 2012

Are you "cropping" yourself short?

I'm not tech savvy at all so I can't give you any specific pixel schmixel info but I can tell you that you should totally crop your eBay pictures SQUARE size.

If you're not, you're not maximizing the amount of exposure your listing gets.

Do a search on eBay...

Notice how the pictures that are cropped at a perfect square appear to be bigger than the pictures that are cropped like a rectangle?

If you're picture is a square the ENTIRE space that eBay provides for pictures is filled.

In order to be able to crop your pictures this way you have to keep it in mind while you're actually taking the pictures.  As I look through the view finder, I visually try to calculate and make sure that I can indeed crop the image square without cropping off any of my actual item(s).

Every little bit helps with eBay as far as presenting your item in the best possible way to get it SOLD!

People say that June is slow but my sales for the past 7 days has been $721 and I don't have a store stocked full of thousands of items or anything.  More like 90.

Have a great week... this heat might melt us all! :)


The Thrifty Momma Says said...

You go girl!!! Cha Ching!!!!

Diana said...

Thanks for this tip! I've never cropped my Ebay pics before but maybe I'll start. I'm also planning to open a store when I return from vacation! My sales for June netted me more than $1200, my highest profit yet! So I think I'm ready to make the next step but I have a question: I know I'll pay $15.95 per month for the store but how much does it cost per day per item to keep it listed for 30 days at BIN? Thanks!

Janessa @ Treasure Hunting Mommy said...

Store listings at the $15.95 level cost .20 per month. Nice job on your June sales!

Diana said...

Thanks, Janessa. So I pay 20 cents per item inserted (no matter how much I list the item for) and then the only other fee for listing an item for 30 days is the final value fee, right? How many items do you list per month? At what point did you decide it made more financial sense to switch to a store even though you don't get the 50 free listings? Thank you very much for your help.

Janessa @ Treasure Hunting Mommy said...

Diana - The 20 cents is for 30 day BIN store listings I'm not sure but I think auction format might be more you'll have to check on eBay. I sometimes don't always list 50 new items but my store inventory hovers around 100. I really went with the store when I realized that I wanted to change my business model and stop doing auctions. I only do an auction once every blue moon now all my listings are Buy It Now and sometimes with best offer. Although I'm even leaning away from best offer too. There are lots of different reasons for all of that but pretty much it's because I make the most money doing it this way! :)

Ms. Goodwill Haunting said...

Wow, never thought about this. I do crop my images to focus on the item. But never thought about cropping it as a square. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.