Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Children’s Book Lots

Let me lament…

Oh how I wish I had more time to do more things!!!

Being a stay at home mother to three children under the age of 7 with a husband who is out of town for 4 days every single week does not leave me hardly any time at all to get things listed.  And the BAD part about that is that when I’m stressed at home I load them all up and go to Goodwill or garage sale-ing and acquire more treasures to pile in my garage.

I can hear you asking “If she has time to hunt, she has time to list?!”

That’s not how it works out here though.

I have an extremely clingy and demanding 11 month old.  At home she has to be hanging on me about 90% of the time she’s not asleep. 

Ya’ll know what it takes to list… clingy baby and listing don’t mix.  But when I’m at the thrift store she’s surprisingly content moving around in the cart and even if she’s not, I can hold her on my hip and still shop.

I’m whining because as I decided to write this post about how well my children’s book lots are selling, I got frustrated because I’ve only been able to list maybe 5 or 10% of the books sets I could get listed.  Anyhoo, such is life.  On to the good stuff…

About as fast as I can list them, my children’s book lots are flying off my virtual shelves!

Here are some pictures:




















I never ever pay more than .30 cents per book for paperbacks and that is only because Goodwill charges .30 cents.  My garage sale rule is a quarter or less so that gives you an idea of how cheap I was able to collect these for.  Like I’ve said before, books are a great sale but you have to have a little space and patience to wait and collect to create good lots.  I think books are selling so well right now because teachers are shopping for next school year and even more, I think parents are buying books for their kids to read during summer break.

Excellent condition used children’s books are plentiful, so I don’t waste my time with buying books that aren’t pretty much like new.  I don’t mind a name written on the inside cover or a few creased corners, but that’s about it.  Keep that in mind while you’re hunting.  My customers often contact me and tell me how ecstatic they are to get their books that I’ve described as “very good” (always better to surprise them in a good way) and find that they all look practically brand new.

So if you have some great children’s books to list, Get ‘Er Done! 

And if you have some great books series or authors that you know sell well, PLEASE, share your wise knowledge with us and leave a comment!


Doris said...

I totally understand the clingy baby situation. My son was exactly the same way. He is now 2 and I can distract him with back to back episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. After that, I can't post anymore until he is napping or down for the night.

Thanks for the tip on buying books. I haven't had luck finding any under .50 cents and most are even $1 at yard sales, which I think is outrageous! LOL I was starting to kick myself for not taking some Junie B Jones at .50 cents cuz I decided to hold out for .25. Glad someone else agrees!

The Thrifty Momma Says said...

Janessa I swear we live parallel lives including the kids and traveling/ working husbands. Your post has inspired me to list some books today.

En4tainment said...

i love reading what you put on ebay it makes me want to give it more of a try

Janessa @ Treasure Hunting Mommy said...

Doris - Yes, I'm looking forward to her being a little bit older and a tad more independent! When I see a bunch of nice kids books at a garage sale priced higher than 25cents each I always ask the seller, "Would you take 25 cents a book if I buy a whole bunch?" They usually say yes.
Thrifty Momma - I'm glad someone can relate! :)
Entertainment - You should try it's so much fun! :)

Diana said...

My children's book lots have NOT been selling well lately. I'm surprised you got so much for the Junie B. Jones books. Mine didn't even sell for less money this week. :( I'm not sure what's going on (am I in that dreaded black hole, LOL?)
Could the difference be that I don't have an Ebay store? I list at auction with a BIN and then have to relist when it doesn't sell the first time around. I'm really toying with the idea of opening a store but haven't been convinced that it's the cheaper way to go. Any advice? Do you have a store?

kaitlin said...

ugh, my goodwill charges $1-2 per kids book!
And I always find junk books at yard sales. Glad to hear you are doing so well with them though!

Janessa @ Treasure Hunting Mommy said...

Diane - How are your pictures? Also, how are your keywords? I take lots of pictures, write a list of all the titles in the lot and a good description. I'm also a top rated power seller, I offer free shipping, 14 day returns, and 1 day handling time... I think that all can play a part in sales that's why I mention it. I learned last fall that BIN is the only way to go with children's book lots. I auctioned of my sons collection of Thomas Train books and got less than $1 per book. :( I would have kept them at that price. So I wouldn't do auction. I LOVE having a store and I think the $16 a month is very affordable.

Janessa @ Treasure Hunting Mommy said...

Kaitlin - That stinks! :(

Renee said...

I enjoy buying/selling on ebay, especially kids items. I have 4 kids at home 8 and under (that I homeschool) so I totally understand how it is easier to acquire stuff than it is to get it listed!) I'm glad I read about selling kids books. I've thought about it, but this gives me more motivation :)

Ms. Goodwill Haunting said...

My SA thrift store sells books for ten cents every Monday. I'll have to start looking at the children's books! BTW, are there any specific series/titles that you look for? And do you mind telling me which is your eBay ID/store name? And your blog link on my side bar finally works! Thanks for all the great info!

Janessa @ Treasure Hunting Mommy said...

Ms. Goodwill - I collect a bunch of different series. I just research "book lot" on eBay and see what kinds of series are selling well and then add it to my mental BOLO list but there really are so many that I know I miss out on some profitable ones because I've forgotten that they're good sellers. Our eBay brains can only hold so much! LOL

jess_hak said...

Just found your blog and am enjoying exploring your posts.

I just sold quite a few book lots and did pretty well. Really good condition board books (for toddlers) do well. I paid .25-.50 a piece for 28 of them and they sold for a little over $1.00 a piece....not a HUGE profit margin, but I thought it was decent (plus, selling books is extremely fun to me). I also had a leap frog tag reader lot of 9 that I paid $1.00 a piece for sell for 39.00. To go along with board books I put together a Sandra Boynton lot of 12 or 13 (.25-.50 a piece) and that sold for 21.00. These were all auction style with a BIN price too.

Janessa @ Treasure Hunting Mommy said...

Way to go Jess! The thing about books is that at first it doesn't sound that profitable to buy a book for a quarter and then sell it for $1. But if you consider it from the view point of paying $25 for a lot of books you can sell for $100... that sounds like a great profit margin to me! ;)

Laura said...

MY NEW HERO!! I hear you on clingy kids, it will get better soon. And then they'll be driving :)