Saturday, June 16, 2012

I heart church sales!

First attempt blogging from my phone... Forgive me if it's a train wreck.

I really love church sales.
 Sure, they have a whole bunch of junk at them but MOST of the time I find treasures mixed in with the junk. And the prices usually can't be beat. That was the case yesterday when I scored a giant haul of children's clothing to resell at the semi annual consignment sale in the fall and spring.

I paid $45 for 96 pieces of clothing.

All brand name. No Walmart crap... I never buy that for resale btw. I'd say at least a third of what I bought was like new Gymboree. I got two Columbia winter coats for $1?!

Great great stuff!

If I were to sell each item for $3 (Columbia coat? Yeah right, more like $20) that would be almost $300!  After cost and the consignment fee that would still be a profit of around $150.  Yes please!  And of course my profit will be greater than that because many of the items will be priced for more than $3 and I'd say 95% of it will be priced at at least $3.

I will say, that I usually don't find this nice of clothing AND so much of it at church sales... But you never know if you don't go!

Iphone pics are just click and go, no fancy editing, hope ya don't mind. :)

Sorting the "gold" with a soccer player hiding in the backrgound, lol.
I will never get tired of filling my van with treasures.
Adorable Gymboree outfit - size 7 paid 50 cents


The Thrifty Momma Says said...

Love it. I'm impressed that you were able to adda link to your post using your phone. My posts from my phone are always a hot mess.

Susie Q said...

WOW! Great finds on those great clothes! Should have some good sales as they'd be great for back-to-school outfits! That really is a deal $1/each!
I'm with you - I love love love filling my trunk with treasures! I just need to get moving faster with listings - I can bring it in faster than I can list it! Which is a problem. :-(

Janessa @ Treasure Hunting Mommy said...

Ha ha - I didn't add the link until I got to my laptop and could edit! ;) Susie - Yes, yes. That seems to be a universal issue with us treasure hunters... we find the treasure MUCH faster than we can get rid of it for profit. That is my MAJOR issue in life right now.

Amanda said...

Awesome deals! I was able to hit a church sale today and do 'fill a bag' of clothes for $1! So exciting!

Renee said...

I never find such nice clothes at church sales :(