Friday, July 13, 2012

Holy Moly Gymbo Haul!

Sometimes you just get lucky...
today was an uncommon occurrence but it sure was fun!

Just a regular old garage sale.  The lady even advertised on craigslist so I have NO idea why when I showed up a couple hours after she opened there was nobody there and nothing had been picked over. 

It was meant to be. ;)

Haul Stats:

21 Dresses
14 2+ PC Outfits
19 Separates
1 Coat
25 PJ sets

$50 or 63 cents each :)

63 cents for a 3 piece Gymboree outfit?  I'll take it!

Resale at a consignment sale will be an easy $375+

FYI - It often pays to buy in bulk.  The women had very fair prices considering the brands and quality of her items.  I had asked if I could pay 25 cents per item if I bought a ton and she didn't agree to that but said she'd "give me a good deal".  She added up my large pile and said she was at $70 BUT I had a huge and I mean huge pile of clothes in my arms that she hadn't yet added and then she said how about $50 for all of it.  Yes please! 

Bonus: I would have bought these regardless of size because they have such great resale value but the fact that my daughter will be able to wear them first is pure icing on the cake.


Candace Martineau said...

Well done!

The Thrifty Momma Says said...

Fantastic job. My girls have some of those pieces and they are adorable.

Veronica said...

Nice score! I have yet to venture into consignment sales. I'm not sure how to price things. I think I have to go to a few more to get a better feel for this.

Kristen said...

I love it! And your right - it is a double score when one of your kids can wear it for a season first! Great job!

The mum of all trades said...

You really are a true bargain hunter! Very impressed with your finds

Garage Sale Addict said...

I was watching the video and had to stop in the middle because I was so jealous! LOL No, really.. you did AWESOME! You will make $50 on just one of those outfits. Amazing find! BTW, I think a lot of us would agree that we love videos! We get a better viewing of the goodies that are harder to see in pictures! Thanks for sharing!