Sunday, October 7, 2012

2012 Humdinger of a Fall Consignment Sale Summary

2012 Fall Summary

1386 sold 92%
117 unsold
1503 total

Total Sales - $7,873.90
My Earnings - $5,511.73

Ok peeps.  Thanks for the interest and questions... In a nutshell, all I do is price competitively.  Discount all my items.  And probably the most important unique thing is that I don't sell ANY crap.  Like, at all.

I don't waste my time with cheap brand clothes (I'll sell Target if it's an a trendy super cute item).  I don't hardly ever sell Arizona or Jelly Beans, etc.  I stick to name brand on about 95% of my clothing items.  I sell Gap, Justice, Gymboree, Old Navy (not a lot), real Levi's not Walmart version, Ralph Lauren, Carters, Columbia, Speedo, fancy dresses from department stores, etc.

Back to the not selling any crap... I MEAN this.
I think that's what sets me apart from lots of other consignors.
I really really really try hard to only sell VERY gently used, EXCELLENT condition, CURRENT (like purchased new within the last 3 years max - not outdated) items.

Non clothing items, same thing.  Excellent condition! Complete! Working batteries!  And most importantly I CLEAN my items to look like new.  We're talking, use a toothbrush, toothpick, cotton swab, magic eraser, elbow grease, car wash (seriously. for strollers etc)... whatever it takes to make the items look new again.

I'm not trying to sound all awesome or anything, just trying to be super honest about why I think I've had so much success with selling at consignment sales.  I have consistently sold over 90% for several years now.  This was by far the most I've ever dropped off so I was kind of nervous and pleasantly surprised when I again sold 92% of my 1503 items?!

I know you'll ask what my cost is... probably about $2,000.  Remember I have three children and sell all of their outgrown items every season (along with the items I purchase strictly to resell) and I don't keep track of the original cost of my own children's items.

Oh, and a question was asked about limits.  My sale has a limit of 600 clothing items. No limit on other items.  Because I am a team leader (like a super volunteer) and because I have proven myself by selling consistently over 90% for years, the sale owners (dear friends of mine btw) allow me to bring more than 600 clothing items.

If you want to know about my pricing or where I buy items, you can read previous posts that I've written on those topics.

Here is a more detailed report of the items I sold:

Category Breakdown

Girls Clothing

611 sold 92%
51 unsold

Boys Clothing

404 sold 95%
23 unsold

Maternity Clothing

33 sold 80%
8 unsold

Baby Equipment

26 sold 100%
0 unsold


24 sold 86%
4 unsold


183 sold 100%
0 unsold


105 sold 77%
31 unsold

Aaaaand this post has taken me over an hour to write. :(  Which sadly I just cannot give that kind of time commitment to a blog that is purely just for the fun of me telling people about my treasure hunting adventures.  Oh, and I earned $7.38 from google ads so far this year... gettin' rich. ;)  Life is incredibly stressful and crazy for us right now.  Please understand and forgive me... I won't be posting much for a while.  It's been 9 months of my husband living out of town for anesthesia clinicals and we have 9 more months to go.  Maybe someday I'll have more time, but right now I do not.  Thanks for reading.

I'll still blog but as you've noticed... it won't be consistent. At all.

Hope you're all rocking consignment sales, garage sales, and eBay! :)

The Van. Seats out. Stuffed full of clothes for drop off?!


Diana said...

Thanks for sharing this! What a lot of work you must have done, but you made so much money, so congrats! Please blog when you can because we have a similar Ebay niche--I learn so much from you!

Linden Townhouse said...

Thanks for all the great tips! Obviously, you have very high standards for your sales, and it really pays off. I look forward to the occasional post from you. You must be a very busy mom!

Heather said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I'll try to keep your tips in mind when I consign again in the spring.

mrs4jachi said...

thanks...great tips and inspiration :0 also yes please continue to blog even if its inconsistent. i dont know anyone else who does this and its nice to be able to glean inspiration :)