Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ouch! That stings a little.

I was just looking at some past posts on my blog and came across this one about super why flyers.

Go ahead and click on the link in that post and see how much things have changed in a year and a half...

wha wha wha.

I thought I was making bank at $40 for the set.

Crazy times.

THIS kind of stuff is what might turn us all into crazy hoarders that never want to sell our stuff because it might TRIPLE in value in a year or two?!

And I was just getting ready to do a major inventory purge... hmmm.

Has this happened to you with an item you've sold?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tricky! Tricky!

Maybe I'm just a little slow...

But I think I've stumbled upon a little "trick of the trade" for some thrift store employees... (aaaand this might cause them to hate me just a little or a lot)

Tonight I walked through every jean section of my local goodwill store.
Because I'm looking to resell.  So I look at all jeans, not just my size and my gender.

At first I found nothing, nothing, nothing, until...
I looked in the women's plus size jeans.  Guess what I found? 

Two pairs of like new Rock Republic (retail $88) and Joe's Jeans (retail $158).

Holla! Cha Ching! Yes Please and Thank You! :)

But here is the kicker.  They WERE NOT plus size.  Far from it.  Size 29 and 30. 

I was in a hurry to get back to my son's soccer practice so I grabbed them, paid for them, patted myself on the back for a successful trip to the thrift and went on my way.

Then tonight, I started thinking... Hmmm.  That actually happens to me A LOT!

Much too often for it to always be a mistake.

I often find the best designer brands in the WAY WRONG section.  I find women's designer brands in the men's section all.the.time.  And this trip is not the first time I've found great (tiny size) designer jeans mixed into the giant (I can say giant, cause it's my size-ha) "Venezia" and "Just My Size" jeans in the plus size section.

The reason this "trick" works for these tricksters MOST of the time, is because most people are just shopping in their size.  So if I'm in the plus size jeans (and I'm not an ebay seller), it doesn't matter how expensive or cute the jeans are, if they are size 28 and I can't fit my right toe in the leg... I won't buy them.  Nobody will.  Until their (the employees) grace period of having to wait to make purchases of new items passes and they can go grab their hidden gem.

Why do I share this story?  Two reasons.

One:  I've out smarted the cheaters! Ha! Whoop whoop! Sorry suckers!
(this is my random blog... I can brag right?!)

Two:  To remind my other reselling friends that you need to check ALL sections and keep your eyes peeled for the "right" prize to be in the wrong section!

Happy Hunting! :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

What's Your Niche?

I'm realizing that even though I don't claim to have a niche, I definitely have certain things that have become my niche because of my knowledge of those items and also because there are certain items that I don't mind listing and certain items that I DREAD listing.  Those items just sit in tubs in my garage and get put off repeatedly.  I really should just purge them...

But back to my question, do you have a niche?  If so, what?  I'd love to hear!

Right now, mine is denim. 

When I walk into a thrift store... MOST of the time I walk out with a handful of serious designer jeans and every time I'm so confused that they haven't been snatched up before I get there.  In the last month I found a NWT pair of $200 Diesel jeans and a NWT $264 pair of Current Elliott jeans!  And the other day I forgot it was half price day at Goodwill and went in 1 hour before closing (it was insanely packed and busy) and thought for sure it would be painfully picked over... I walked out with a pair of like new Swarovski crystal True Religion jeans for $3.50.

So cray cray!

It sure is fun to be a treasure hunter isn't it?

P.S. I was using Google Reader and it went bye bye so I lost all my blogs I love to read. :(  If you're a blogger and read this blog, please leave a comment and tell me so I can add your blog to my new blog feed.  Please, and thank you.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


I'm only posting this picture because I know y'all will hold me accountable.  My thought is that if I show you this you'll later inquire about it and I won't want to say that it's grown or the same... I want to be able to say it's shrunk greatly?! 

So we moved. I have WAY more space and organized all of my eBay and consignment sale inventory.  

Wowzers! Holy buckets! Please don't report me to hoarders... 

Two things.  This photo is only unlisted inventory AND in this picture you can not even see the JBF wall which has over 30 full tubs.  

Our previous house was very small (5 people in 1100 sqft) and my husband lived away from home for 18 months.

I mentioned that we moved.  We moved because my husband got a job and we are finally done with school!  We've been married for 10.5 years and my husband has been going to school in some form for the past 13 years.  It's been a loooooooong road, but worth it.  He graduates with a masters of science in nurse anesthesia this weekend!

The truth, is that treasure hunting was my stress relief.  But then I would come home and be overwhelmed with life, a lack of space, a lack of husband, screaming children,  and I wouldn't list.  I hope that all changes (I know the screaming children will stick around) and I can dedicate myself to getting this CRAP sold.  

Monday, March 11, 2013

Goodwill Outlet Review

So I FINALLY went to the Goodwill Outlet in St. Louis.

I was really really excited.  I even brought my gloves!

My overall opinion...

Meh.  I was pretty disappointed.

I really didn't have much fun... EVERY 20 minutes when they rolled out the new bins it was like Black Friday in the ghetto.  I actually never even got a chance to touch the items when they rolled out, it was THAT crazy.  I consider myself pretty hard core when it comes to bargains but I will NOT resort to pushing people and I soon figured out that is the ONLY way to get the good stuff.

Boo. Hiss.

All was not lost though, the walls were lined with bins that had books thrown in them and I was able to find some nice children's books for 49 cents per pound.

I also met a nice African man from Ghana who told me about his shoe selling business.  He and several other men go to the outlet every day and buy tons and tons of shoes and then ship them to Africa.  I'm guessing it's pretty lucrative.  He told me it gets very "rough" at the outlet.  He said that several times... I'm glad I didn't witness any fist fights, that would have ruined my day.

So will I be going back?  Maybe, maybe not.

Would I recommend it to my "normal" friends?  Never.

Would I recommend it to my hard core thrifting friends?   I'd say it's worth it to go once but you might be disappointed.  In my opinion there are way better outlets for finding treasures.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's That Time Again!

Is it just me or does consignment sale season reappear in a blink?!

I'm slowly going through tubs, organizing and preparing my items to hang.

Are you selling at a sale this spring?

Are you a veteran or a newbie?

What are your sales and inventory goals for this spring sale?

I'd love to hear!  Good luck and just keep tagging. :)