Monday, March 11, 2013

Goodwill Outlet Review

So I FINALLY went to the Goodwill Outlet in St. Louis.

I was really really excited.  I even brought my gloves!

My overall opinion...

Meh.  I was pretty disappointed.

I really didn't have much fun... EVERY 20 minutes when they rolled out the new bins it was like Black Friday in the ghetto.  I actually never even got a chance to touch the items when they rolled out, it was THAT crazy.  I consider myself pretty hard core when it comes to bargains but I will NOT resort to pushing people and I soon figured out that is the ONLY way to get the good stuff.

Boo. Hiss.

All was not lost though, the walls were lined with bins that had books thrown in them and I was able to find some nice children's books for 49 cents per pound.

I also met a nice African man from Ghana who told me about his shoe selling business.  He and several other men go to the outlet every day and buy tons and tons of shoes and then ship them to Africa.  I'm guessing it's pretty lucrative.  He told me it gets very "rough" at the outlet.  He said that several times... I'm glad I didn't witness any fist fights, that would have ruined my day.

So will I be going back?  Maybe, maybe not.

Would I recommend it to my "normal" friends?  Never.

Would I recommend it to my hard core thrifting friends?   I'd say it's worth it to go once but you might be disappointed.  In my opinion there are way better outlets for finding treasures.